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Natural Skincare Products Stocked from Natures Larder

No More Skin Allergy with NelsonFood fuels our lives, but do we contemplate where it actually comes from?
Food producers use a multitude of processes that mess with Mother Nature’s larder and our food often passes through many hands before it reaches our plates. So even if we do contemplate what’s on our plate, it’s often difficult to have a truly natural diet with no additives or “un-natural” ingredients because we simply do not have enough control.

Whilst at home my wife and I try to eat naturally, using organic produce where possible. But if you’ve ever tried to stick to an organic diet you’ll know how expensive this can be, and when travelling as we are now it’s literally impossible to eat healthily without starving or living on fresh fruit.

Natural Skin Care Products

I for one am thankful that choosing natural skincare products is a great deal easier than selecting natural foods. As a skin allergy sufferer I can be sure that the Syrinx Za skincare products I use are stocked from nature’s larder because I am involved in the research and testing of all our products.

Everyone deserves more of the good stuff that nature has to offer and you can be as sure as me that we don’t use chemical stabilisers or un-natural products in Syrinx Za products. For many years I suffered from what I call “dog-skin”, a severe reaction to dogs and cats which manifested on the skin on my face and was very sore (understatement) whenever I petted a dog, cat or hairy animal.

Nelson and MickNo problem Nelson
We are currently in Perth, Western Australia staying with my brother-in-law who has one very playful dog and three very energetic cats, one of which is named Nelson who has taken a real shine to me! In the past all four of these family pets would set off my rash. But not today… Natures Larder provides Syrinx Za with the natural ingredients needed to formulate our products and keep my dog and cat skin at bay…

No Problem Nelson… Bring it on….


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