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Mud Baths for Skincare

mud baths for skincareThe word “Sapropel” comes from two ancient Greek words sapros and pelos which describes muds or sediments found in lakes that are rich in organic matter.

Mud baths have been very popular for health and beauty treatments for thousands of years using many different types of mud from various sources such as lakes, saltwater sea, hot springs, and mud volcanoes. Spas offering mud baths for skincare have erupted in many towns and cities all over the world in more recent years.

Sapropel Mud Baths for Skincare

Sapropel Mud in particular which is found at the bottom of closed, fresh water marshes and lakes in a minority of places such as a  few lakes in Lavia and the Ukraine has been used by the locals for centuries for skincare. Even farmworkers and labourers often used it to heal sores or wounds gained by manual work.  This muddy humus (an organic matter that has reached a point of stability that will remain for unchanged for centuries) has many uses and is in great demand; it is even used in medicines.

Why is Sapropel so special?

Sapropel’s special power comes from the rich nutrients it contains; these nutrients boost the body’s own immune system allowing it to heal itself, which is why we include Sapropel in our range of products to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin, cracked skin and many more.

Other Properties in Sapropel

  • Lipids, and Amino acids, great for dehydrated skin
  • Vitamins, to control healing
  • Minerals, to nourish and rejuvenate the skin
  • Fulvic and Humic stabstances to restore skin cells

Healthy Looking Skin

These properties working together with other ingredients will repair and maintain the skin, so whether you have a skin complaint or just want to maintain your skin to keep looking young, supple and healthy the natural way, Sapropel couldn’t be better.

But I don’t want a mud bath….

We’ve contained Sapropel in our natural products so that you don’t have to travel to far off distant lands, or maybe to a spa in your area that costs an absolute fortune to enjoy the wonderful benefits of Sapropel.  No, you can have sapropel available in your bathroom cabinet at all times, as a soap, and emollient or a cream, there is no need for you to have a mud baths for skincare to reap the full benefits of healthy glowing skin.

Other ingredients that are contained in Syrinx natural skincare products and also the hair and scalp products can be seen here – Syrinx Za Product Ingredients.


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