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Hand Made Soap – The #SyrinxZA Story

Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar: all natural dry skin soapThe Syrinx ZA Story starts over 15,000 years ago during the last Ice Age when Mother Nature began the process or creating the conditions which eventually led to the current day harvesting of the natural ingredients we use to manufacture our natural skincare products.

We’ve named our primary ingredient Zander. More about Zander later but for now let’s talk about saponification and the manufacturing process which helps to make Syrinx Za products so unique and beneficial.

To saponify or not to saponify? What really is best?

Printed on the packaging of every cosmetic product you buy these days is a list of the ingredients. The ingredients lists are generally quite long and complicated. The Syrinx Ingredients lists are mercifully short but there are surprises.

If you take the Syrinx Deep Cleansing Natural Therapy Bar for instance, you will notice that the first four ingredients of this traditionally handmade soap are all oils, which is far the norm. If you look close you will see the majority of commercial soaps will only use the salts of the oils such as ‘sodium olivate’ or ‘sodium cocoate’ rather than the oils themselves.

The difference is that these commercial soaps are made from pre-saponified oils, which are purchased as ‘noodles’ (so called because they are extruded through a huge mincer called a plodder) by the soap maker who then adds other ingredients, including fragrances and colourings to make the soap distinctive.

Why commercial soaps are slightly hydrophilic

On the other hand many handmade soaps start with the oils themselves and the reaction with lye that results in the production of a salt also yields glycerine – a well-known and important moisturiser.

However glycerine is salted out of the majority of commercial soaps before the noodles are forwarded to manufacturers. This explains why commercial soaps are slightly hydrophilic – tending to absorb moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and potentially irritable.

Avoid Soreness – use hand-made soap.

The result can be soreness, particularly around the face and neck. In handmade soaps glycerine remains an intrinsic part of the soap matrix and is fixed there through a process of curing. Such soaps will remain hard and dry providing they are kept out of water. The advantage of this ‘cold batch’ method of soap making is that the soaps retain a key moisturising property and do not cause the skin to dry or be irritable.

Of course commercial imperatives favour the pre-saponified noodle system. Glycerine derived from vegetable oils is very pure and has value in a wide range of technology. Moreover you can’t push glycerine and soap through a plodder so the cold batch system is always going to be labour intensive and therefore more expensive.

Syrinx ZA – Perfected the method producing natural soap

At Syrinx we have perfected a method of producing our round soap bars using a series of insulated tubes as moulds. Once the product is set it is pushed out of the mould with compressed air before cutting. Not an easy job but a very effective one.

In the early days I lost control of the air compressor and the soap shot out of the tube like a torpedo. It hit the opposite wall and reformed as a short fat lump of soap. I still possess it- it has the word ‘Damn!’ etched into the side.

Syrinx ZA – More than just soap

Syrinx Za manufactures a range of Natural Skincare Products based around Zander and other natural ingredients. Watch out for the next instalment of the Syrinx Story or Sign up to receive our posts by email so that you never miss a copy and keep up to date with our skincare news.


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