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Clothes for Sensitive Skin

Clothes for Sensitive SkinEczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, skin allergies. Whatever skin condition you may be suffering with, your clothing could have a huge impact on it and could actually be determining just how comfortable (or, more to the point, uncomfortable) your life is.

There’s nothing that comes closer to your skin than your clothes, and because we have to wear them understanding which fabrics you should avoid and which get the green light is crucial when choosing Clothes for Sensitive Skin.

Fabrics to avoid…

So let’s start with the bad news. There are, unfortunately, more fabrics that agitate your skin than not, which makes choosing Clothes for Sensitive Skin really quite challenging…

It is strongly recommended that sensitive skin sufferers avoid wool clothing completely.

The short, coarse fibres within the fabric can prick and cause irritation and itchiness for skin, particularly for skin conditions. It also contains lanolin (an oil produced by sheep) which can be an allergen and irritate sensitive skin further.

You may or may not have known it but cashmere is actually formed from goat hair meaning it can be an allergen for many individuals, causing sensitive skin to worsen. Because it is a heavy fabric, it can trap heat in and make the skin become very uncomfortable indeed.

Synthetic Fabrics
Clothes made of synthetic fabrics can cause sensitive skin to become very irritated if they are worn for a prolonged period of time thanks to its tendancy to not allow the skin to breathe through the material. Nylon, polyester and rayon are just some of the synthetic fabrics used within many clothes, so always read the care label closely before purchasing any new item of clothing.

Fabrics to choose…

While normal silk fabrics contain sericin, (a type of protein that emerges in the silk production and is a well-known irritant for sensitive skin and eczema), certain types of silk can actually be quite a good option for sensitive skin sufferers…

Utilising today’s technology, special silk fabrics are now designed especially for sensitive sufferers that contain no sericin. It is so successful that only one allergy related complaint has ever been reported after use. Sericin-free silk is ideal to support creams and emollients that have been used on affected skin, helping to reduce any inflammation, itchiness or irritation.

Cotton is soft, gentle and breathable, and although the short fibres can de-hydrate the skin it is certainly more beneficial than the majority of fabrics on offer.

Keep hydrated!

Even though you can now make better decisions about choosing the right Clothes for Sensitive Skin it is extremely important you do not neglect your skincare regime.

Always remember to use a natural Emollient, Balm or Cream to treat and moisturise your skin underneath your clothes, and substitute any potentially harmful, harsh soaps you use with a natural Therapy Bar. Everyone’s skin is different so try out all Syrinx Za’s range to work out what works best for you and your skin condition.


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