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What to use for Dry Hair

What to use for dry hairDry hair is a very common problem that affects many of us. It can make otherwise wonderful hair have a dry, straw like texture to it that lacks shine and lustre. Dry dull, lifeless, rough hair that can be very (VERY) frizzy leads to the risk of hair breakage, split ends and eventual hair loss.

Dry hair which can be caused by adequate sebaceous oils on the scalp can also lead to Dandruff, so deciding What to use for Dry Hair is very important!

Why do I have Dry Hair

Don’t beat yourself up too much – dry hair is, more often than not, mostly down to your genes. Many of us inherit dry hair from our parents although this is not recognisable from birth. You may find your hair becomes drier as you get older which is perfectly natural.

Dying, bleaching, tinting or perming our hair are big factors when considering why it is you may have dry hair as they are very effective in draining the hair of all moisture. However, your hair does not necessarily need to be chemically treated to suffer with dry hair – many of us that have never touched a hair dye box still have to deal with the condition.

Same goes for straighteners, curlers and blow dryers – massive moisture absorbers, leaving the hair rather frazzled. The sun and salt wind are also big culprits of dry hair.

How to treat Dry Hair

Okay so of course you can just stop using hair dryers and chemical treatments on your hair in order to reduce your dry hair, but really this is a tad unrealistic and definitely unnecessary.

A good shampoo and hydrating conditioner are essential when treating dry hair. Choose a conditioner that can reinstall moisture back into your hair and provide it with the nourishment it needs and over time you will see amazing results – promise!

Working from the inside out can be very beneficial so drinking plenty of water and sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime is highly advisable when keeping dry hair at bay. Replace hot curlers with rollers, blow drying with natural drying when possible and even watch how tough you’re being on your hair when brushing it. You’ll be shocked at what a difference it can make.

Our recommendations

Deciding What to Use for Dry Hair can be quite tricky thanks to all the false promises of many products and harmful side effects that come with many of them. Luckily for you though, the answer is finally here.

The Syrinx Za Scalp Combo is an excellent three piece natural hair and scalp treatment formulated to treat the symptoms of dry hair and even dry scalp problems.

The Conditioner is particularly effective in treating dry hair when used in conjunction with the Prewash and Shampoo. It has an instantaneous effect on the condition of the hair which means results can be seen (and felt) straight away. It provides the hair with intense moisture and hydration, giving it strength and lustre. Its key hydrating, natural ingredient Sapropel soothes and replenishes the hair and gives it the vitamins and minerals it needs to be restored to its optimum health.


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