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Eczema on the Scalp

eczema on the scalpEczema on the scalp can be embarrassing and irritating for sufferers. It can look like what most people recognise as dandruff especially when flakes appear on your clothes. Although dandruff usually has white dry flakes, scalp eczema can have greasy yellowish flakes and is very itchy. It is said that 50% of people that have eczema suffer from scalp eczema, that is a lot of people. So if this is you, remember you are not alone. Read on if you want to stop hiding under the hat.

Scalp Eczema Treatment

Although scalp eczema is virtually the same as skin eczema, it’s harder to treat as you cannot comfortably put creams and lotions in your hair, unless you shave your head. With this thought in mind Syrinx Za introduced a breakthrough scalp treatment therapy that has all the great ingredients from the skincare range, including Zander which is highly moisturising and moisture retentive and just superb for these hair and scalp problems.

It’s good to remember that the Syrinx Za hair and scalp treatment products are specifically designed for conditions such as extremely dry damaged hair, dry scalp, dandruff, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema on the scalp and even cradle cap. The scalp treatments will deeply cleanse and moisturise the scalp whilst reducing swelling and irritation, also strengthening the hair, preventing breakage to create a beautiful condition.

What causes scalp eczema

Some people believe that you get dandruff or scalp eczema because you wash your hair too often or that you don’t wash it enough, well this is a myth, its just not true.   The same as with “normal” eczema no one really knows for certain what the causes are –  its very difficult to pinpoint but it can be due to; hormones, stress, toxins or a fungus.

Scalp Treatment Routine

There is no cure for scalp conditions such as scalp eczema but you can normalise the scalp condition by regularly following this scalp treatment regime using Syrinx Za’s Hair and Scalp products

  • First, wet the hair and lightly towel dry.
  • Massage the pre-wash scalp reviver into the scalp, working it through to the ends.
  • Leave to soak in to the scalp for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water, not hot as this will irritate the scalp.
  • Then shampoo and condition the hair with the Syrinx shampoo/hair cleanser and the moisture rich conditioner as you would normally.

You can wash your hair as often as you like with the shampoo and conditioner but make sure that you use the pre-wash once or twice a week.

You should notice a great improvement in the overall condition of the hair and see the difference with the eczema on the scalp within a short time.


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