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Dry Hair with Split Ends

Dry Hair with Split EndsSplit ends can ruin any otherwise good hair day. They occur when the hair is in need of moisture and are a very common side effect of dry hair.

Dry Hair with Split Ends is certainly not how anybody would want to describe their hair, but unfortunately it is very common, particularly in this day and age.
Fortunately there are ways to protect your hair and prevent split ends becoming too much of a problem.

What are Split Ends?

Dry hair lacks the soft texture and shine of healthy, moisturised hair, and can appear brittle, frizzy and straw-like. Split ends occur when the protective cuticles at the end of your hair is destroyed thanks to this dryness and causes your hair to split into two or three strands.

They are a common side effect of dried out hair and can appear for a number of reasons. Handling your hair in a rough manner, such as excessive brushing and too much sun or dry air, can strip your hair of moisture and lead to Dry Hair with Split Ends. Heat can be your hair’s worst enemy when it comes to split ends, as using heated styling products such as straighteners, hairdryers and curlers, or washing your hair with hot water, can lead to dried out, frazzled hair. You may even need to consider what you eat – a diet lacking in essential vitamins can cause split ends according to the National Institutes of Health.

Chemicals such as bleach in hair dye products or chlorine from swimming pools can also provoke dry hair and split ends.

How to Prevent Split Ends

Reducing how often you are washing your hair or using heat products and chemical treatments could, of course, help to prevent the symptoms of Dry Hair with Split Ends , but it really isn’t always possible to avoid every contributing factor.

A good, hydrating conditioner that is designed to help dry and damaged hair could very swiftly get to work on your split ends.

The Syrinx Za Conditioner is very effective in treating dry hair and split ends. It has an instantaneous effect on the condition of the hair which means results can be seen (and felt) straight away. It provides the hair with intense moisture and hydration, giving it strength and lustre and keeping those persistent split ends at bay. Its key natural ingredient, Sapropel, soothes and replenishes the hair and gives it the vitamins and minerals it needs to be restored to its optimum health.


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