Dry Hair in Pregnancy

Syrinx Za Hair and ScalpUnfortunately, not all changes to your body in pregnancy are particularly welcome. Excessive dry hair can be one of these changes, which can worsen due to unhealthy practices in your daily routine and a lack of the usual nutrients that keep your hair healthy. However, by understanding your hair’s needs during pregnancy you can avoid the problems associated with Dry Hair in Pregnancy.

What causes Dry Hair in Pregnancy?

The problem of dry hair during pregnancy usually comes through the second trimester as the influx of hormonal activity kicks in and can even occur in hair that had never actually experienced dryness before. For hair that was already dry previously, pregnancy may exacerbate their problem and they may experience excessively dry hair during gestation.

An increase in hair growth is also a side effect of pregnancy thanks to the intense hormonal changes, scalp hair also thickens and facial hair can increase. This excessive hair becomes more vulnerable to drying out. A pregnant woman may feel the urge to bathe more for relaxation purposes, meaning the hair may become excessively washed, therefore stripping it of its natural oils and leaving it dehydrated.

How can I treat it?

To remedy Dry Hair in Pregnancy try using an all-natural shampoo, conditioner and prewash that are mild and help lessen the amount of natural oils stripped from your hair.

The Syrinx Za Scalp Combo is an ideal three piece natural hair and scalp treatment formulated to treat the symptoms of dry hair, and is completely safe to use during pregnancy.

The Conditioner is particularly effective in treating dry hair when used in conjunction with the Prewash and Shampoo. It has an instantaneous effect on the condition of the hair which means results can be seen (and felt) straight away. It provides the hair with intense moisture and hydration, giving it strength and lustre. Its key hydrating, natural ingredient Sapropel soothes and replenishes the hair and gives it the vitamins and minerals it needs to be restored to its optimum health.

After using the prewash and shampooing, always use the moisturising conditioner to help replenish any lost oil from the wash. Perform this hair care routine only twice or three times a week to lessen dryness from excessive washing.

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