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Dry Hair and Dry Scalp Treatments

Dry Hair and Dry Scalp TreatmentsDry hair and dry scalp problems are extremely common and can be very hard to live with. One of the reasons can be our treatment of our hair.  Its forever being blow-dried, straightened, coloured, tied up or teased, all of this over stresses and over processes the hair.

When hair becomes dry it becomes dull and lifeless, it is more prone to breakages and frizziness, and split ends become more frequent.

Dry Hair and Dry Scalp Treatments

There is really no need to live with this itchy, frizzy mess when all that is required is some simple intense moisturising.  Syrinx Za have just the right treatment!

Syrinx Za Prewash Reconditioning Treatment

The prewash reconditioning treatment is a very special dry hair and dry scalp treatment as it contains around 8% of sapropel which deeply cleanses the hair and scalp and draws out toxins and impurities. Also included is a blend of moisturising oils such as argon, olive and soya which has the ability to totally enrich the hair.  Leaving this treatment on for 20 minutes allows the sapropel to absorb into the scalp to thoroughly hydrate the scalp to reduce dryness and flaking.

This prewash will immensely increase the moisture content of the hair in no time at all; you will notice that your hair is shinier and softer; it will have less split ends, and be less frizzy.

These dry hair and dry scalp treatments are suitable for any type of hair but are extra beneficial for people who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry scalp and dandruff.

Other types of hair that will greatly benefit are …

Best Treatment for Fine Hair

For people with fine hair a prewash is even more important as heavy conditioners can leave their hair limp and lifeless this is usually due to the residue still left on the hair from normal heavy conditioners but with the Syrinx Za prewash and its content of sapropel this doesn’t happen, as after its been left to penetrate deep into the hair and allowed to work its magic the treatment is then washed off leaving no residue to weigh down this fine hair.

Chemically Processed Hair

The colouring process strips the hair fibres of moisture and makes the hair  feel course, rough and unmanageable; the prewash will get deep into the hair fibers making the hair smooth and shiny again, whilst also having very therapeutic effects.

Shampoo and Conditioner

The Syrinx Shampoo and Conditioner work very much the same as normal shampoo and conditioners but they are much much more moisturising, resulting in richer, shinier,  smoother hair in just a few washes.


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