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How to Cure Eczema? There is no cure for Eczema but read on

Whilst science has not yet discovered How to Cure Eczema, relief is at hand in the form of what we believe to be the best cream for eczema. In conjunction with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar Eczema Sufferers can use the Syrinx Za Natural Emollient Cream for Eczema to reduce inflammation, redness and itching and be confident that the product is both effective and FREE of steroids.


Steroid FREE Relief for Eczema Sufferers

Introduced in the 1950’s Topical Steroids or corticosteroids also known as “cortisone” seemed to revolutionise skin care because they were easy to apply, fast acting, anti-inflammatory preparations useful reducing inflammation in conditions such as Eczema and so were used in creams for eczema sufferers.

Science has discovered that steroids are not particularly conducive to good health and as such the use of steroids in medicine is strictly controlled by health authorities. People prefer to avoid using non-natural products in their skin care regimes and they prefer to avoid the use of Steroids in any form if possible.

Corticosteroid creams, as the name would suggest include steroids and in our view the long term use of steroids is not a good thing and we offer people a completely natural alternative to corticosteroid creams in the form of our natural organic cream for eczema.

Science will find the answer one day

In the future science will discover How to Cure Eczema but until then we strive to provide what we believe to be the best cream for eczema. Please take a little time to read our many testimonials from happy customers whom have benefitted from our Steroid and chemical free natural skin care products.

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Customer Testimonial
I’ve tried many soaps and lotions in the past so i was plesently surprised to find the soap i recieved really did work. My skin stopped peeling and my eczma is now back under control, I cannot speak of this soap more favourably. So give it a try you will be surprised.

John Ballard


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Syrinx ZA Chief Executive Ashley Metcalfe is responsible for marketing and business development. Ashley is as passionate about cricket as he is skin care. Drop Ashley a line if you have any skin related questions.

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