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Eczema Treatment Which Reduces Redness, Inflammation and Itching.

eczema treatmentScience has advanced somewhat since the industrial revolution and everything is better today than it was back in the days of coal and steam. Experimentation allows us to blend and perfect formulas helping us to identify what works best with particular skin issues allowing us to create an effective eczema treatment.

This week is National Eczema Week 2012 and we are proud to offer an eczema treatment to sufferers in the shape of two effective eczema treatment engineered to keeping eczema under control.

Use discount code ECZEMA2012 to get 20% discount on our eczema treatment during National Eczema Week.

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Clinically Tested Natural Eczema Treatment

Behind the Syrinx Za brand is a mission to create a natural eczema treatment and a meaningful range of natural skincare products, offering a fresh approach to skin health.

Traditionally many emollients which are used in eczema treatments actually seal and lock heavy metals in to the skin; we have scientific evidence that shows that Zander which is our prime eczema treatment ingredients actually removes heavy metals and toxins from the skin leaving skin deeply cleansed and able to improve sensitive skin issues such as eczema.

All of our products undergo stringent independent clinical testing to show that they are suitable for all skin types and all ages. During recent tests on volunteers suffering from eczema and cracked skin issues we received positive results where 8 out of 10 people tested showed considerable improvement over a 14 day period.

Those improvements were particularly in the area of itchiness, redness and inflammation which calmed during the 14 day test period.

No Side-Effects

Because we only use natural ingredients there are no side-effects in our eczema treatment and we have the added benefit of two products for treating eczema which compliment each other perfectly.

The Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar for daily cleansing is great as a stand-alone eczema treatment because it is loaded with Zander and it deeply cleanses sensitive skin with no additives which could cause an Eczema flare-up.

The second product is the Natural Emollient Eczema Cream which is a clinically proven eczema treatment.

If you would like to try either of our eczema treatments during Natural Eczema Week you can use the 20% discount code ECZEMA2012.

Does Eczema run in your family?

If eczema runs in your family both young an old can use our eczema treatment from babies to grandparents male and female. No need to purchase separate products you can use them with confidence to help treat the symphonists and discomfort of eczema and if you have any questions please contact us and we’ll try to answer your questions.

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Syrinx ZA Chief Executive Ashley Metcalfe is responsible for marketing and business development. Ashley is as passionate about cricket as he is skin care. Drop Ashley a line if you have any skin related questions.

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