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Eczema and Hormones

Diet and EczemaWe wrote recently about how the skin is affected by our hormones during the menopause but it is also reported that Eczema and hormones are connected too.

When there is a raise or a drop in certain hormones  this can cause an imbalance which is a common cause for eczema flare-ups especially for women.  Many women for instance suffer from flare ups just before their menstrual period or when they are pregnant.

Eczema and Hormones

Are you wondering if hormones are causing your eczema to worsen or have outbreaks?  Many people do wonder if hormones affect their eczema or if certain times of the month eczema does worsen, or if it is their imagination.  We can tell you that its not your imagination at all.

While it is very difficult to determine the cause of eczema some people’s skin are clearly are affected by the hormone changes at certain times.

If you are postmenopausal, pregnant, or noticing a that your skin is worse the week prior to your period then it could be that your Oestrogen or progesterone are too high or too low respectively. These imbalances will aggravate your eczema causing a flare-up.

It’s not only eczema that can be affected by this imbalance of hormones but many other skin conditions can suffer.

What can I do to help my Eczema during this time?

As always we suggest a balanced diet, trying to avoid the biggest culprits such as shellfish, soy, nuts and eggs and to eat more whole grains, green vegetables, fruits and less red meat.

Avoid scratching the skin, we know you’ve heard it before but this really does make the skin much worse and can cause infection.

To help with the itch and the rash you might like to try our treatment regime for eczema, which has proven very successful during clinical trials, so much so that whatever the cause 8 out of 10 eczema sufferers reported improvements in their skin causing it to be less itchy, softer and moisturised.  The most important thing to remember is that you need to keep to a eczema treatment schedule and not just give up when the skin is feeling better, prevention is the key.

Eczema Treatment

Following this eczema treatment daily not just when your skin is bad, will start to build up a barrier and to teach your immune system to heal the skin naturally.

  1. Wash using the Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar, rubbing the thick lather into the affected areas. This will deep cleanse your skin, removing any toxins whilst also moisturising the skin.
  2. After Bathing apply the Natural Emollient for Eczema, softly and gently to relieve inflammation and soreness.

Try to do this twice a day and this should help the problem with eczema and hormones – some people benefit from rubbing the lather from the Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar into the skin and leaving it overnight, the allows the powerful ingredients to really get to work on your skin.




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