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Chocolate Allergy

Chocolate AllergyEczema can be triggered by many factors and it’s possible that one of those factors could be a food allergy and more directly a chocolate allergy. Dairy products are a common cause for an eczema flare up. Easter and eczema is not usually a good combination.

Keeping young children away from chocolate is  difficult especially at Easter; they want to know why they can’t have Easter eggs like all of the other children; especially at school, where  chocolate eggs are sometimes given as a treat. It is however, much easier now to find dairy-free Easter eggs but it’s not always easy to constantly see what our children are eating.

How to spot an Easter Eczema flare-up

An eczema flare up due to a chocolate allergy can happen quite quickly. Usually within an hour or two of consuming chocolate, the toxins in the body will shoot up to the skin surface and cause irritation. The eczema sufferer may start to itch and scratch, causing redness, rashes and in some cases blisters. In serious cases someone allergic to chocolate can develop hives, nasal congestion and find it difficult to breathe.

What do to if your child has an eczema flare-up this Easter

If your child has accidently eaten chocolate while at school for instance, or you did not realise that they had a chocolate allergy you can help by taking these emergency measures.

  • Keep the skin thoroughly moisturised with a natural moisturiser – Ideally we would recommend Syrinx ZA Natural emollient cream
  • Keep the child hydrated, drinking lots of water will help
  • Cold compresses to reduce itching
  • Try not to make a big issue of it, stress can make it worse
  • Keep his or her fingernails really short, so that if they do scratch it will do less harm; maybe even let them wear cotton mitts at night
  • A lukewarm bath to soothe the skin and apply moisturiser while the child is still damp
  • Lots of sleep
  • Make sure in future you have a good skincare routine in place

Try this skincare routine to prevent and treat eczema

The best way to avoid flare up is to first avoid the allergy triggers, although sometimes that’s easier said than done especially when children are involved.

Its essential that you cleanse, moisturise and soothe the skin on a daily basis.

In the Morning – Wash the skin with the Syrinx Za Syrinx Za Therapy bar using only lukewarm water, preferably pre-boiled water. This bar is rich with moisture, completely natural and contains antiseptic qualities that draw impurities from the skin.

Directly after bathing apply the Natural emollient cream to damp skin to lock in the moisture, apply several times during the day if required.

Last thing at night – Wash with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar again and this time leave the rich lather to soak into the skin not washing the lather off as you usually would. Leaving it to dry on the skin and leave overnight if possible, allowing the key natural ingredient Sapropel to work is magic.

Eczema sufferers should try to keep up a skincare routine such as this at all times, to keep flare-ups at bay, and especially if someone with chocolate allergy has had an eczema flare-up.


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