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What Causes Dry Skin?

We’re frequently asked, What Causes Dry skin. Dry skin is a symptom of several skin conditions, such as dermatitis and eczema. It’s really common and can be quite itchy and uncomfortable to put up with. While dry skin can be a mild condition for some, it can be a severe one for others, which has been known to get progressively worse during the cold winter months.

What Causes Dry Skin?

The answer to the question What Causes Dry Skin lies in the opposite to “dry”, for this read hydrated rather than wet! Dry skin can be caused by both internal and external factors – internal factors such as age and gender, and external factors such as humidity and temperature.

Dry skin can also be caused by lack of water and moisture in the skin. While some people believe that having a soak in the bath will help their skin condition, it unfortunately doesn’t, as natural oils in the skin are lost. Without these oils, the skin can become dry, flaky, and occasionally quite irritable, too.

Dry Skin Treatment

Before you even consider treating dry skin, you need to find out what’s causing it. Whether a product your using is taking moisture out of your skin, or whether a recent change in weather conditions has dried your skin out, knowing the cause of your skin condition is key to finding an effective treatment.

Syrinx Za have a 100% natural dry skin treatment, called the deep cleansing therapy bar. This is a cold-processed soap full of key natural ingredients that keep skin looking and feeling nice. This is an ideal dry skin treatment, which can be used with all skin types from sensitive to oily. The deep cleansing therapy bar can also be used as frequently as you wish, as it’s perfectly safe and completely free of the chemicals and parabens that can be found in other soap products.

If you have particularly dry skin, combine use of the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar with the ultra-sensitive therapy cream, or the moisturising therapy balm, there are many natural products you can get your hands on, but Zyrinx Za products can all be used in conjunction with each other, and can be used as frequently and liberally as you wish.

Read More about Dry Skin

If you want to say goodbye to your dry skin today, why not read more about what causes dry skin, or about the many dry skin products and treatments available? Read more about Dry Skin Treatments here.


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