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Safe Natural Treatment for Babies Dry Skin

Treatments for Babies Dry SkinRepeated conversation about a Babies Dry Skin
“Hi, how’s your new baby?”
“Gorgeous, thank you!”
“Everything OK? All fingers and toes present and correct?”
“Yes, except I’m worried about her dry skin.”
“Don’t panic, dry skin is completely normal in new babies.”
“But what can I do about it?”
“Simply apply a gentle moisturiser after every bath.”

Feedback form a frustrated mother
OK, so we’ve imagined this conversation about dry baby skin, but we’re fairly sure it happens all the time!

My two year old daughter has suffered with severe eczema for the last 8 months, leaving her raw, sore and very very grumpy.

We saw 4 different doctors who all suggested we use different creams and drugs, but nothing worked. At my wits end and feeling like a terrible Mother as I could not soothe my childs itchy skin, my friend recommended I try your soap. (Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar)

Within 6 weeks her skin has cleared up, the sores are gone and the itching is under control. I can’t believe the difference in my little girl, who now sleeps all night and is a happy, healthy child again.

Rachel McKenna

Why babies suffer with dry skin

Nearly all babies have a certain amount of dry skin in the early weeks, especially babies that are born a little late. Don’t worry; this is quite normal.

Baby skin loses moisture faster than more mature skin. Baby skin is so delicate that it can be affected by cold outdoor air and indoor heating, as well as chlorine in the swimming pool and even plain soap and water in the bath.

So you are right to learn how to care for baby skin.

Three main ways to care for baby skin

1. Give them short baths (not every day, not too hot, and without using chemical soaps or bubble bath)
2. Ensure they have lots to drink
3. Use plenty of 100% natural moisturiser – a safe, natural treatment for baby’s dry skin

100% natural moisturiser for dry baby skin

When it comes to choosing a moisturiser for sensitive baby skin, these are some of the things to think about:

• Mild and gentle formulation that’s safe for babies
• 100% natural ingredients that leave baby skin soft, smooth and nourished
• No artificial additives, colourings or perfumes that might cause irritation
• No damaging parabens, chemicals or steroids
• Not tested on animals

Our ultra-sensitive therapy cream meets all these criteria. Simply apply it liberally after each time you bath your baby. It contains Zander – a rich source of vitamins to boost skin immunity and generate new cells. It also contains Argan – the botanical oil that has been used for centuries to treat troubled skin for young and old alike.

You can be confident that it helps dry baby skin. And here’s how the conversation will go next time:

“Hi, how’s your baby?”
“Fabulous, she doesn’t have dry skin any more!”
“See, I told you that moisturiser would work!”

Find out more about our ultra-sensitive therapy cream for babies.


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