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Menopause and Skin

menopause and skinWe know how the menopause affects us in most ways such as hot flushes, weight gain, mood changes, anxiety and insomnia but what we don’t sometimes realise what happens with the menopause and skin.

Due to the decrease in estrogen or oestrogen (American and English spellings) there are many menopausal skin changes and for most people this can mean dehydrated, dry and sometimes itchy skin. Great, as if we don’t have enough problems at this time.

Menopause and Skin

So we know that lack of estrogen can cause dry skin but then there are other changes to other hormones that are also affecting us, including the slowing down of oil production, sending our skin into a spin, trying to rectify this, So, all this confusion due to the hormones can cause spots, thinning of the skin and dry skin as we’ve discussed but also wrinkles or aging of the skin.

Menopause and Age Spots

Estrogen controls our melanin production so as the estrogen starts to decrease we can find ourselves with brown age spots, most commonly found on the hands but also on the face, neck and arms.

How to Help Your Skin During Menopause

We all love steaming hot baths but it really does dry out your skin so that isn’t going to  help right now, what you need is a warm bath, and avoid harsh soaps and shampoos that contain chemicals and fragrances as they are harmful to your skin especially at this sensitive time.

Deep Cleanser

The Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar is a fantastic soap replacement but its not only that; its natural,  doesn’t contain any chemicals, parabens or fragrances, and is highly moisturising, so you get the best of both worlds. The Therapy Bar has been especially formulated for sensitive skin and is also used for treatment of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and cracked skin so you can be sure that it will treat your skin with the gentle care that it needs.

Rubbing the rich lather from the Therapy Bar into age spots and leaving it on them overnight can great reduce the appearance of these brown marks.

Keep Moisturising

It’s also time to start remembering to moisturise your skin everyday – especially after bathing.  You need something hydrating and moisturising and this is why we recommend the Dry Skin Revitaliser and Moisturiser, as it is highly moisturising and it softens and re-hydrates dry skin.  This give the skin the boost it needs to reduce the symptoms of dry skin whist keeping the skin supple and healthy.

After bathing just pat yourself dry, do not rub – then apply the Skin Revitaliser, re apply once a day for 24hour protection against menopause and skin.


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