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Makeup and Dry Skin

Makeup Removal without Makeup RemoverMakeup is a crucial aspect of day to day life for women all around the world. It can boost their confidence by making them feel more attractive and feminine. However, many may feel that there is an unfortunate correlation between Makeup and Dry Skin, making them feel even less confident than they were to begin with.

Understanding why makeup may be the cause of your dry skin and knowing the best way to treat it is of the utmost importance in preventing the problem. Trust me, you’d be surprised at what a difference it could make!

How can makeup cause dry skin?

So, we know that Makeup and Dry Skin are certainly not a good combination. Flaky, dry skin can make powder and foundation very difficult to apply and does not generally help you on the way to a flawless complexion.

Many makeup products contain parabens in a bid to keep it preserved and fresh for years. Great for shelf life, but terrible for dry skin. Parabens can strip your skin of the moisture and can cause dry skin problems to arise. Existing dry skin can become more sensitive thanks to parabens, meaning your skin not only becomes at risk of become even drier but also at developing other skin conditions and problems.

Many also believe that the most ‘gentle’ type of makeup is mineral makeup. So, it must be super hydrating and great for moisturising our skin, right? Wrong. The truth is that such mineral powders and foundations actually have absorbing properties as opposed to moisturising ones. Minerals such as Silica, Kaolin and Magnesium can absorb the skin’s natural oils and dry out skin, leaving it flaky, irritated and in desperate need of a bit of moisture.

How can it be avoided?

Now you hopefully understand a bit more about the problematic link between Makeup and Dry Skin, the next step is knowing how to tackle it. And luckily, it doesn’t mean you need to stop using makeup altogether.

Start to focus more on restoring the moisture that some makeup may remove from your skin. Opt for all-natural, paraben-free solutions at all times.

Wash your skin and remove makeup using the Syrinx Therapy Bar and lukewarm water, as opposed to normal soaps in hot water. This will gently moisturise your skin and detoxify your pores, leaving the skin happy and irritation free.

The Syrinx Za Hydrating Balm and Ultra-Sensitive Cream are both designed to rehydrate dry skin that has become damaged from harsh treatment, leaving it rehydrated and healthy. Everyone’s skin is different so why not try both to find which works best for you? Alternate between using the balm and the cream twice a day and see results in just two weeks.

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