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How to Prevent Dry Skin

how to prevent dry skinDry’ ‘itchy’ and ‘flaky’ are certainly not words you want to be using to describe your skin but sometimes, unfortunately, it is unavoidable. Or is it?

How to prevent dry skin is a question often asked because dry skin is often a very uncomfortable and unsightly condition to contend with. It can occur anywhere on your body and can affect an individual of any age. It usually comes with symptoms such as flaking, itchiness, tightness, a rough texture, redness and, in more severe cases, bleeding. However, the good news is that dry skin CAN be treated.

Causes of my Dry Skin

There are a variety of factors that could cause dry skin but some are more common than others.
Excessive washing can very easily dry out the skin, particularly if the water is of a high temperature. Alternatively, low humidity can also cause dry skin.

General harsh treatment of your skin can also provoke damaged, dry skin issues, such as gardening, chemical content or even repeatedly exposing wet hands to open air. Coming into contact with something you are allergic to could also mean an allergic reaction occurs in the form of dry skin.

And finally, it could all just be down to your genes. Sometimes we simply inherit the misfortune of dry skin from our family members.

Treatments for Dry Skin

Of course, avoiding the main triggers could help ease the possibility on the onset of dry skin, but it is important to know what to do if you are already struggling with existing dry skin.

Choose an all-natural balm, moisturiser or emollient to reinstate the moisture into your skin without any risk of adverse side effects that come with steroid-based products (that can worsen the original problem in the long run).

Our recommendation

So now you know How to Prevent Dry Skin, you just need to know which product to choose.

Well, that’s easy!

Syrinx Za have a range of natural balms and lotions that are designed to ease the symptoms of dry skin. All Syrinx Za’s products contain carefully chosen 100% natural ingredients that can help heal and replenish dry skin to miracle standards.

Syrinx Za Hydrating Balm and Ultra-Sensitive Cream are both designed to hydrate dry, cracked skin on the hands, leaving it smooth and moisturised. Everyone’s skin is different so why not try both to find which works best for you? Alternate between using the balm and the cream twice a day and see results in just two weeks.

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