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Dry Skin around Eyes

dryskin around the eyesThroughout an average day, we can really put our skin through the wringer. However, you may have found that your eyes falls victim to dry skin symptoms more so than any other part of your body. You may not realise, but actually the eye area needs almost more concentration than anywhere else on the body when it comes to combatting dry skin.

Dry skin around the eyes can be painful and sore, with an uncomfortable tight feeling. The eyes can flake or peel and in some cases become very itchy

Why do I get Dry Skin around the Eyes

Dry skin is the result of a low level of sebum accessing the skin. The reason that the eyes are vulnerable to dryness is because the skin surrounding the eyes have fewer oil glands than in any other part of the body.

Another factor that causes Dry Skin around Eyes is that this particular skin is very thin and far more sensitive than other areas on the body. If you are not careful when touching your eye region for whatever reason then it can very easily become damaged and dried out.

If dry skin surrounding the eyes is left untreated it can lead to thinning of the skin, wrinkles developing and flaking. Excessive washing, makeup, chemical-based skincare products or an allergic reaction can be other triggers of dry skin around the eyes.

How can I treat Dry Skin around Eyes

Always make sure you treat your eyes very carefully and gently. Try not to allow too much water coming into contact with this area to avoid the effects of excessive washing. Also, if you feel a certain cosmetic product, such as a concealer or eyeshadow, is drying out the skin around your eyes then stop using it instantly.

And finally, and most importantly, never use non-natural, chemical-based products around your eyes. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and any harsh products can cause more problems than it solves.

Our recommendations

The Syrinx Za Ultra Sensitive Cream is a great option for treating Dry Skin around the Eyes. This all natural, supple cream contains Sapropel – a rich vitamin source that boosts the skin’s immunity and produces healthy new cells. It also uses a mix of botanical oils to rehydrate and heal dried out skin. Clinical trials show that these natural ingredients will soothe the driest skin, providing a safe and effective treatment for hypersensitive conditions like eczema and all types of dry and dehydrated skin.


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