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Dry Hands in Winter

dry hands in winterIt’s a common problem to suffer with dry hands in winter,  exposure to the harsh winter conditions, can take away the moisture and strip the skin of the natural oils that protect our hands. This can make your hands so dry that they can crack, peel and even bleed in some cases.

Its not only the cold air that can dry out our hands, its also our central heating and our constant washing of hands to protect ourselves from winter colds and flu.

What do to about Dry Hands in Winter?


Normal soaps and detergents actually dry out our skin, so excessive washing using these soaps is very bad for our skin.

What is needed is a natural hand soap that contains no additives, chemicals or fragrances that will harm your skin, which will in turn moisturise the skin – such as the Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar. Using this natural handmade soap and not the chemical based soaps will be a great start to providing protection as a barrier for your dry hands in winter.

Start now as a prevention to dry hands in winter.  Some people, including myself (I don’t use anything else anymore) even find that using the therapy bar is all we need to keep soft hands in colder months but others need more than that.

Hand Cream

When our hands are dry the first thing we usually reach for is the Hand Cream or Moisturiser but what most people do not realise is that certain types of hand creams do not seal moisture into the skin, all they do is add moisture. 

We all know that lovely feeling when you first rub in the silky deliciously perfumed hand cream and then around 30 minutes later, yes they smell lovely but they feel exactly the same as they did before; Dry. That’s exactly what I mean; these types of hand creams are not retaining the water in our hands, so it’s doing no good at all.


The best hand cream you can ever use is an emollient, emollients seal in water which is essential for dry skin especially during the winter months. The Syrinx Za Skin Revitaliser is a deep hydrating emollient which will moisturise and hydrate dry skin and even restore damaged skin.  It is easily absorbed in to the skin and provides a 24 hour protections and boosts the skins immune system allowing it again to protect your skin naturally.

Its time to go natural

It’s very important to watch out for harmful chemicals, fragrances and parabens that we are applying to our skin as these irritate and even cause the dry skin that we are struggling to get rid of.

As with all of our products our Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar and Skin Revitaliser are completely natural, chemical free, paraben free and full of nutrients and vitamins. The key ingredients are our breakthrough ingredient sapropel, argan oil, almond oil, coconut oil and cere alba, all of which will help banish dry hands in winter.

For more information on our ingredients please see our product ingredient page.


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