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Dry Cracked Hands

Best Hand Cream for Soft HandsDry skin on the hands is a very common yet very uncomfortable condition.

The skin on our hands is much tougher and thicker than most of the skin on our body, they have to be; they are worked very hard, always out in the cold, in water, using chemicals or working with machinery.

If left untreated, your hands could crack, bleed or even develop into a much worse skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, or even bacterial infections.  It doesn’t have to be this way, soft, comfortable, beautiful skin on your hands can almost always be achieved, whatever job you do or trials you put your hands through, with just a little care and the correct natural products.

What causes Dry Cracked Hands?

There are a variety of factors that could be causing dry, cracked skin on the hands but the following are thought to be the most common…
Excessive Washing
Washing hands multiple times a day can very easily dry out the skin. Allowing sensitive skin to come into unprotected contact with hot water can also cause it to dry out, as well as using strong, chemical-based soaps.
Low Humidity
If you are surrounded by low humidity, this may well account for your problem. The combinations of low temperatures and low humidity in the winter or high temperatures and low humidity in the summer can wreak havoc on your hands and cause them to lose a significant amount of moisture.
Harsh Treatment
Submerging your hands in hot water, gardening, coming into contact with chemicals or even repeatedly exposing wet hands to open air could all cause damage to your skin and could very easily be the reasons behind your Dry Cracked Hands.
If your hands come into contact with something you are actually allergic to (such as animal dander, pollen, etc) then dry skin on the hands could actually be a symptom of an allergic reaction. So, if you find your conditions worsens after coming into contact with substances such as detegents, cleaning products, metals, plants, costmetics, make up, creams, soaps or certain fabrics then this could indicate a skin allergy.
And finally, the one you just can’t control. Genes. Sometimes we simply inherit the misfortune of suffering with dry skin on the hands. However, this absolutely does not mean you can’t treat it!

How can I treat Dry Cracked Hands?

Once you know what could be causing your Dry Cracked Hands you can start to work out the best way to treat them.
Avoiding the common causes of dry hands is highly recommended. So, when washing up always wear gloves and keep the temperature to a minimum. Avoid overusing air conditioning units or exposing wet hands to cold air, and try to minimise treating your hands harshly. That means finding an all-natural, cold processed soap.
It may be worth visiting your local GP to determine if you do suffer from an allergy, especially if they are infected.

The Best Solution for Dry Hands

The best thing you can do for your hands, however, is to first change to a natural soap and then find an natural yet effective moisturiser that you can begin to regularly apply to your hands on a daily basis. You’d be amazed what a difference this can make!

Syrinx Za have a range of natural balms and lotions for Dry Cracked Hands. All Syrinx Za’s products contain carefully chosen 100% natural ingredients that can help heal and replenish dry skin to miracle standards.
Syrinx Za Hydrating Balm and Ultra-Sensitive Cream are both designed to hydrate dry, cracked skin on the hands, leaving it smooth and moisturised. Everyone’s skin is different so why not try both to find which works best for you? Alternate between using the balm and the cream twice a day and see results in just two weeks.


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