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What is the Best Natural Hand Cream?

What is the Best Hand CreamNatural, sustainable ingredients would be a good start?
Syrinx Za only use natural in nature ingredients from sustainable sources and we don’t plunder or damage the environment as we help you to care for your skin.

Hands take a lot of punishment, we put the moisture back
The best natural hand cream is manufactured by Syrinx Za, it’s called the “Original Natural Emollient Eczema” because it as originally engineered for eczema sufferers.
It’s a non-greasy fast absorbing dry skin cream brilliant for frequent use.

Best Natural Hand Cream by Accident!

During research and clinical trials we found that our original emollient cream worked wonders as a general hand cream for keeping hands soft and supple in all kinds of conditions, we don’t mind admitting that using the product as a hand cream was a bi-product of another target skin problem but hey, we don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth..

The Secret to it’s success lies in the Zander!

Read more about or Buy the Best Natural Hand Cream here
Watch the short video below to discover the history of the best natural hand cream from Syrinx Za.


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