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Best Moisturiser for Dry Skin

Do you suffer from dry, chapped skin? Have you been searching for a moisturiser that actually does what it promises to, yet have failed to find one? If so, moisturising therapy balm is the moisturiser for you – and unlike others, it won’t disappoint.

What Makes this Skin Moisturiser Special?

While many other moisturisers contain not only artificial colours, but alcohol additives and a huge array of chemicals too, the Syrinx Za moisturising skin cream is 100% natural and is therefore kind to your skin.

Rather than causing skin irritation, or resulting in a rash, this chemical-free moisturising skin cream, called Syrinx Za, Moisturising Therapy Balm is the best moisturiser for dry skin because of its key ingredient – Zander. This is a lake sediment that not only works by moisturising dry skin, but by drawing out impurities in the skin too.

Also containing beta carotene, tocopherol and thiamine, which are all vitamins that boost the immunity of the skin, this moisturising skin cream will rejuvenate your skin and bring it back to life.

What Skin Type is this Moisturiser Suitable for?

Ideal for cracked, dry or hypersensitive skin, this moisturising skin cream is a natural moisturiser, which is suited to various different skin types. Whether you’re a sufferer of dry skin, have a dry skin condition, or simply want smoother skin, this moisturising skin cream is luxurious and prides itself on achieving results that will impress you.

Complimenting various different treatments for a whole host of skin problems, this cream is undoubtedly the best moisturiser for dry skin and has been praised by those who suffer from a whole host of skin problems, from flaky skin, eczema, psoriasis and hives, to dermatitis, skin tags and warts.

Luxury, Affordable Cream for Moisturising Dry Skin

Gone are the days of having to spend a small fortune on a skin product – the beauty industry is a competitive one and products are becoming more competitively priced as a result. This is another reason why this moisturising therapy bar is the best moisturiser for dry skin – it’s a luxury skin product without the luxury price tag.

How Can Maximum Results Be Achieved from Using the Moisturiser?

The Syrinx Za Moisturising Therapy Balm is ideal for daily use, such as after a bath or shower. Letting it dry naturally on your skin will rehydrate pores and encourage them to continue functioning, just as they should. By locking in moisture to the areas prone for dryness and cracking, your skin will benefit from a smooth, soft appearance, and a healthy, noticeable glow.

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