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What is the Best all over Body Moisturiser?

Best Body MoisturiserFrom head to toe the best all over natural body moisturising products.
OK, we may be biased – BUT – we firmly believe that we manufacture the best all over body moisturiser. You want soft supple skin today with ant-ageing properties?

You’ve Got it!
Like you, our products mean business, but you have to be determined and disciplined if you want to achieve your young healthy skin goals, and that means sticking to a skin care regime using natural cleansers and body moisturiser.

All Over Body Moisturising Regime – Step 1

Firstly you’ll need to shower every morning using our Deep Cleansing Therapy bar. The therapy bar looks like a bar of soap but it’s not, its a chelating, deep cleansing therapy bar which is clinically proven to hook metals and toxins and remove them from the skin. (Read more about chelation). < Page will open in a new tab.

Why is it important to cleanse with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar?
You need to prepare the skin to accept and get the best benefit from the Moisturising Therapy Balm. Work the therapy bar into a lather (just like soap) and clean all over as vigorously as you can, this will remove loose skin and leave you feeling invigorated. Once you’ve don this just allow lather to run-off don’t rub it off as its good for your skin.

Exit the shower and pad skin dry with a soft towel. Don’t rub the skin, put your dressing gown on and dry naturally.

Best All Over Moisturiser – Step 2

Once you skin has dried following your shower. Sparingly apply the Syrinx Za Moisturising Therapy Balm all over your body allowing it to soak in for a few minutes before getting dressed. And that’s it!

Repeat the above regime every time you take a shower. Showering actually dries out the skin so be sure to carry your Therapy Bar and Moisturising Therapy balm with you on business trips or to the swimming pool.

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Syrinx ZA Chief Executive Ashley Metcalfe is responsible for marketing and business development. Ashley is as passionate about cricket as he is skin care. Drop Ashley a line if you have any skin related questions.

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