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Dermatitis On Hands

Dermatitis on handsDermatitis on hands is most commonly contact dermatitis and it is a type of eczema.

Many cases of dermatitis affect the hands; this is because in most cases it is due to contact with irritants from chemicals and of course our hands are out there with no protection all of the time.  It can affect the palms or the backs or the hands or even both.

Symptoms Of Dermatitis On Hands

The skin becomes, red, inflamed, itchy, cracked and scaly and can feel like its burning at times.  The skin can also become very dry and blister.

What Causes Dermatitis On Hands?

Contact dermatitis is usually caused by an irritant or an allergen, with dermatisis on hands it is often due to a person’s job where they are handling detergents, soaps, medications or even water.  This type of dermatitis often affects cleaners, caterers, metalworkers, nurses, and mechanics.  It can be caused by contact with certain types of metals, woods, foods, wool, rubber and so many more chemicals or substances.  Hair stylists often suffer with their hands being in water, using soaps and detergents and some hair dyes can be a culprit.

How Do I Find Out What Is Causing My Dermatitis

Specialists can do patch tests on your skin where they usually put around 25 different substances on your skin to determine which chemicals are affecting you; although this is not always accurate but can help some people.  If you do have some idea of your triggers you can try not using or coming into contact with those chemicals or try to wear rubber or vinyl gloves when using them as long as it’s not rubber causing the problem of course.

Is There A Cure for Dermatitis?

The only cure would be to eliminate the triggers and to avoid the chemicals that are causing the dermatitis on hands, which might be tricky but possible.

Dermatitis On Hands Treatment

Syrinx ZA have a range of products that can help with many types of skin and scalp issues such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. All products are 100% natural so there is no risk of any chemical reaction.

Treatment Regime

Through clinical testing and feedback from our customers we have found that this treatment regime works very well for dermatitis on hands. The Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar works hard to remove unwanted chemicals or toxins from the skin and the Skin Revitaliser soothes, nourishes and restores damaged skin.

Morning and Night – Wash with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, using a thick lather, rub in and rinse off.   Then apply the Skin Revitaliser to the affected areas.


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