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Contact Dermatitis Treatment

Contact Dermatitis can be initiated either by an irritant such as some soaps and detergents, acid or alkaline materials solvents and chemicals. Or allergic reaction to almost anything you are prone to, IE Cats and Dogs and a host of other surfaces, animal and mineral.

The term Dermatitis covers a whole host of skin related problems and is derived from the Greek “Derma” which means “Skin” and “itis” which means “Inflammation”. Hence Dermatitis is often referred to as an inflammation of the skin.

Help is at hand for sufferers of Contact Dermatitis

According to Wikipedia, Irritant Contact Dermatitis accounts for around 80% of all cases of contact dermatitis and it’s more common than you think.

The Symptoms of Contact Dermatitis vary with the differing types of the condition and they range from rashes, redness, swelling of the skin, lesions, itching and even oozing of the skin, even scarring of the skin in severe cases.

Syrinx Za manufacture a range of natural skin care products suitable for treating the many types of Contact dermatitis.

Treatment for Contact Dermatitis

There are a great many reasons why people will be prone to Contact Dermatitis but school is out on whether or not there is a cure. However at the top of the Dermatitis sufferers shopping list should be our best selling Dermatitis Soap, aptly named the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar.

We have three great products, each containing Zander and other natural ingredients and you can read more about them and dermatitis in general on our Dermatitis Cure section.

Oh, and if 59 seconds to spare please watch the video below.


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