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What Causes Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are caused by stiff, hard skin on the being put under stress, eventually something has to give and the hard skin on the heels cracks.

Hard skin on the heels can be materialise if the skin is dehydrated by the environment the sufferer is frequently in or the weather. Which makes sense when you consider that ladies wearing open shoes are the largest group of sufferers.

Avoid Deeply Cracked Heels

Cracked heels vary in severity from slight cracks looking like sand patterns on the heels to very deep and severe cracks. Slight cracks are not generally troublesome, but deeper cracked heels are more likely to be uncomfortable, even painful and if not treated and cared for could bleed and even become infected. So care and prevention is key.

How to Treat Cracked Heels?

The key to preventing cracked skin on the heels is to have a daily foot skin care routine. Ideally your routine will be designed to keep the feet soft and supple which will help to avoid the stress which causes cracked heels.

Using a combination of the Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar and Hydrating Therapy Balm is clinically proven to prevent cracked heels when used daily as advised here on the Cracked Heels and Feet Page.

Also ensure that you remove excessively thick skin on the heels with hygienic foot file and also try to wear sensible shoes and avoid excessive foot sweating and damp feet.

Habits to Avoid Cracked Heels Returning

Many skin issues can be resolved by identifying the cause and then avoiding it with habits. So here is our advised Cracked Heels Habit List:

  1. Use a foot file bi-weekly to remove excessively thick skin on the heels
  2. Thoroughly clean the feet twice per day with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Soap
  3. Apply the Skin Hydrating Therapy Balm morning and night
  4. Apply Ultra Sensitive Therapy Cream Mid day if the heels become sore
  5. Wear sensible shoes whenever you can
More Information About Cracked Heels and Feet

Read more information about Cracked Feet and Heels and buy Natural Skin Care Products formulated for Cracked Heels.


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  1. herman smith says:

    my feet and my hands the pain is like 8 not good i do creams and clean every day and put on cream heavy at night i still work 12 + hrs every day and the pain is starting to work on me i need help that will work everyone that i’ve talk to sell me thing’s that do nothing but take my money.will your skin care work if i need to i will send pic’s feet and hand’s Thank’s Herman smith

    • Hi Herman

      Thank you for your comment, and question. It’s obviously difficult to give you a definitive answer without knowing the possible cause and other aspects of your condition. We will contact you via email with a few questions.

      Thank you again – Syrinx Za

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