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Falls Awareness

falls awarenessFalls awareness week this year starts today on June the 17th and runs through until the 21st of June 2013. Age UK stress the importance for this awareness week because over 350,000 older people are taken to hospital due to a fall. Falls often have devastating after effects so its good to know a few simple steps to prevent them.

What is Falls Awareness Week

Fall awareness week offers the opportunity for people such as carers and older people to get involved through local events, classes and services to find out about falls and how to prevent them.

Each year there is a different theme aimed at creating awareness to prevent falls that occur with older people. This year the theme called Best Foot Forward and is focused on healthy feet.

Cracked feet aren’t healthy feet

It isn’t just older people that suffer with cracked feet and heels but it is very common occurrence with the elderly. Our skin becomes less elastic as we get older thereby causing hard dry skin on the feet to crack and sometimes bleed or even to get infected.

Our feet are often not as cared for as they should be, as they are usually hidden away in socks or tights and shoes, but this is why it is even more important that we take care of our feet. The unpleasant but at the moment harmless hard skin on your heels can soon turn into painful fissures (hard cracked skin) if not looked after and often just a little care is all that your feet need.

How to prevent falls

Of course it’s very important to have healthy feet as if your feet are causing any pain or discomfort this can make your balance unsteady.

  • Moisturise your feet everyday
  • Get plenty of Vitamin D and Calcium to keep your bones strong
  • Make sure there is nothing left lying on the floor you can trip over
  • Hearing checks are important as hearing affects your balance
  • Keep active – most important to keep your legs strong
  • Pamper them occasionally with a footbath or pedicure
  • Go barefoot for an hour at the end of the day to give them an airing
  • Avoid tight fitting shoes at all times

If you do have Cracked Feet and or Heels already then take these steps to heal them before you are the one falling over – Cracked Feet and Heels Natural treatment

See how you can find out more about Falls Awareness by downloading an Age Uk – Action Pack




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  1. Happy Hump Day.

  2. Thanks for sharing fall prevent. We can all benefit from taking better care of our feet.

  3. I’m only approaching 40 and have been looking after my own feet properly for sometime.
    By the time I’m considered to be elderly I hope care in the UK is in a much better place than it is today!

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