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Cracked Heels Treatment

As well as being unsightly, Cracked Heels can be very uncomfortable if not painful, and if not cared for could lead to further problems.

Whilst there are many cracked heels treatments on the market, many of them are chemical based which is not conducive to natural skin care or kind to the environment. Syrinx Za have developed a natural, sustainable treatment regime for cracked heels.

Syrinx Za, Cracked Heels Treatment Regime

Using the Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar (a natural cold processed soap) make a rich lather and rub it in to your cracked feet skin. Rub in for a few minutes. The lather is rich and creamy so this will be comforting and soothing.

If you are in a position to do so, let the lather dry naturally on to the cracked heels for about half an hour and then for maximum cracked feet healing rub in the Syrinx Za Hydrating Therapy Balm. Or if your cracked feet are really bad use the Ultra Sensitive Therapy cream instead.

Please read more about the Syrinx Za Cracked Heels Treatment here and if you can spare a couple of minutes watch the video below.



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About Syrinx Za

Syrinx ZA Chief Executive Ashley Metcalfe is responsible for marketing and business development. Ashley is as passionate about cricket as he is skin care. Drop Ashley a line if you have any skin related questions.


  1. John Carter says:

    For the men out there I have found the Therapy Bar produces an ideal shaving lather. I have a bar in an old shaving bowl and using a shaving brush a wonderrful full lather is produced. This provides an ideal medium for shaving and leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed. No more gels or aerosol foams for me.

    • Hi John

      Thanks a million for sharing that about the Therapy bar.
      I gave up using shaving cream 4 or 5 months ago when Ashley introduced to the Therapy Bar. For me its great because the soap is a brilliant cleanser which keeps my skin allergy at bay and a real bonus the lather makes for a brilliant shaving cream.

      Thanks for sharing John – Mick

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