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An autoimmune disease which manifests on the skin, Psoriasis occurs because the skin's immune system mistakenly sees skin cells as pathogens, and then sends out incorrect signals which increases the growth cycle of skin cells.

What are the Causes of Psoriasis?

Getting to the root of the problem and determining, What are the Causes of Psoriasis is a question that still baffles science, because as yet there is still no cure for psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a skin condition whereby the skin becomes red and angry-looking, particularly around the joints and in places where the skin tightens. With this condition commonly causing the skin to crack and bleed, in the same way that eczema can. Psoriasis is a skin condition that needs to be treated, as without treatment, it’s unlikely the condition would clear up, and it’ll also cause discomfort to you longer than it needs to.

What are the Causes of Psoriasis?

If you suffer from psoriasis, What are the causes of psoriasis? is a question you may have asked yourself many times. It has been suggested that this skin condition is caused by cells travelling rapidly to the dermal surface of the skin, forming deep in the subcutaneous layers.
It has also been suggested that the working of the immune system could be a cause of psoriasis, as this helps to fight infection in our body. With psoriasis, cells found in the blood and the immune system mistakenly attack healthy skin cells, which therefore triggers the immune system to produce more. With skin cells being produced at such a rapid rate, they die and build up on the skins surface, forming thick, red patches. This is effectively what psoriasis is.

Natural Psoriasis Treatments

With a cure for psoriasis not yet found, Syrinx Za.natural psoriasis treatments can relieve you of the symptoms caused by this skin condition. Syrinx Za offer natural psoriasis treatments, including the deep cleansing therapy bar and the ultra-sensitive therapy cream.

The deep cleansing therapy bar is a product that’s suitable for all ages of skin, and many skin conditions – not just psoriasis. It’s 100% natural, contains no chemicals, parabens or steroids, and has been dermatologically tested. It works by soothing, hydrating, and healing the skin – tackling dry skin areas rather than causing them.

The ultra-sensitive therapy cream is similar to the deep cleansing therapy bar in that it’s 100% natural, and kind to the skin as a result. It’s a soft moisturiser that hydrates the skin, with the key ingredients of Sapropel and argen lifting impurities from it. Ideal to use as a skin treatment for psoriasis, you will soon be able to enjoy healthier, smoother, clearer skin.

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With many skin products full of chemicals and additives, which can sometimes aggravate the skin problem further, as opposed to treating it, you’ll wish you chose a natural product sooner. Check-out more about Syrinx Za natural psoriasis treatments here.


Best Cream for Psoriasis

If you’re fed of your skin looking dry, scaly, red and unsightly, then it’s time you looked into exactly what type of skin condition you’re suffering from, before finding best cream for psoriasis.

These symptoms are often those of a skin condition called psoriasis. The skin can be prone to cracking and bleeding, which can consequently cause discomfort on a long-term basis. As such, it’s worth treating the condition as soon as you can, to give it the best chance of clearing up quickly.

Best Cream for Psoriasis?

One of the best creams for psoriasis is called the ultra-sensitive therapy cream. This product is completely natural and kind to the skin, as it contains no chemical, parabens or steroids that are found in many other skin creams. With it’s smoothing and hydrating properties, thanks to the key ingredient of Sapropel, the cream leaves the skin feeling deeply nourished and looking clear.

Skin conditions don’t have to be a burden, and by using the natural treatments Syrinx Za offer, you won’t feel like they are. By applying cream to the affected areas of your skin on a daily basis – ideally after a shower or bath when the skin in most supple – your skin condition will be easy to manage. One of the great properties of the ultra-sensitive therapy cream is that it can be used as frequently and liberally as you like, due to being completely harmless.

Psoriasis Treatments

Psoriasis treatments also come in the form of soap. The deep cleansing therapy bar from Syrinx Za is a cold-processed soap that draws impurities out of the skin and works to lock moisture in, in an attempt to hydrate the skin. This also improves the appearance of the skin at the same time.

Suitable for people of all ages, as well as all skin types, the deep cleansing therapy bar works to tackle dry skin areas, rather than cause them. While other skin products can irritate skin problems further, this cold-processed natural soap is kind to the skin and will leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh in no time at all.

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Everyone’s skin is different, and while the above natural treatments may work efficiently for some people, they could take a longer period of time to work for someone else. If you’re keen to find out as much as you can about psoriasis treatments, as well as what the best creams for psoriasis are, you’ll find more information here.


Remedies for Psoriasis

Do you suffer from red, angry patches on your skin, particularly on your joints and lower back? If so, you may be suffering from a skin treatment called psoriasis. Although a complete cure hasn’t yet been found, there are several remedies for psoriasis that will help to calm both the look and feel of this skin problem.

Natural Treatment for Psoriasis

Syrinx Za offer a number of natural treatments for psoriasis, no matter what type you suffer from. Whether you have erythrodermic psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, inverse psoriasis, plaque psoriasis, or pustular psoriasis, there’s a treatment for you.

How Does Psoriasis Come About?

Prone to cracking and bleeding, like eczema, psoriasis occurs because of skin cells travelling too fast, causing them to live and bound together. As such, psoriasis is a skin problem that needs treatment in order for it to get better, with natural treatment for psoriasis being the best option. Although there isn’t yet a cure for psoriasis, the skin problem can be kept under control with moisturising lotion, which helps to restore the skin to its normal look and feel, to a certain extent.

New Psoriasis Treatment

Without treatment, psoriasis can be quite sore and itchy, in a similar way to eczema. At Syrinx Za, we pride ourselves on only stocking 100% natural products, which is what sets us apart from other stockists. Chemical and additive free, our natural treatments for psoriasis don’t take long to get to work, but the results are worth any wait.

An ideal treatment to try is the deep cleansing therapy bar, which is a soap best used with sensitive skin. It can be used for a wide variety of skin problems, not just psoriasis, with recommended use twice a day – morning and night.

Another great product from Syrinx Za is the ultra sensitive therapy cream, which is great to use with all types of troubled skin. The natural emollient nourishes and soothes the skin, locking in moisture and restoring its natural glow.

Natural Cures for Psoriasis

Although natural cures for psoriasis don’t yet exist, natural treatments for the skin condition do, with new psoriasis treatments coming onto the market all the time. The testimonials we receive at Syrinx Za from our happy customers, who let us know that our products don’t just work, but that they work well.

More Information about Psoriasis Remedies

Our products help our customer’s every day, in making their skin look and feel the way they want it to. Read More about Psoriasis treatments.


Ease the Discomfort of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a malady that creates nasty red patches on the surface of the skin, particularly on the elbows, knees, scalp and lower back. If neglected, psoriatic patches can become painful or itchy – and in some cases, the affected skin around joints will split and bleed.

What is the Cause of Psoriasis?

Ease the discomfort of PsoriasisPsoriasis occurs when subcutaneous cells progress rapidly to the skin surface, still living and surrounded by intercellular adhesive. These cells are meant to travel more slowly, changing as they approach the surface to form a protective cuticle.

Therefore, the best psoriasis treatment will slow down the process – using anti-mitotics to calm and control the division of cells.

Is There a Cure for Psoriasis?

Finding a successful psoriasis treatment has never been easy because many remedies for psoriasis depend upon chemicals and other ingredients that can aggravate delicate skin.

Currently, there is no cure for psoriasis, therefore psoriasis treatments can only relieve the symptoms. However, a Syrinx ZA customers tell us that our recommended psoriasis treatment regime helps ease the symptoms and reduce redness and itching.

I have had psoriasis for over 50 years and always had problems in the summer with dryness and itching. After a few days using the Syrinx ZA soap it stopped the irritation. Jane Hill

Many psoriasis sufferers have kindly offered us their valuable feedback which encourages us that our natural skincare products have been successful in relieving their irritation and painful psoriatic symptoms. Read more testimonials

Recommended Psoriasis Treatment Regime

Moisten the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, work into a lather and use all over just like a normal soap. Use in the morning and before bedtime allowing the lather to remain on the skin. At night, leave the lather on the affected skin to dry naturally without washing it off. The soap needs time to work, so it should be left for at least 30 minutes – but for best results you should allow it to dry overnight.

Over time, you should find that this method soothes itchiness and reduces the symptoms of psoriasis – even more so if you put on the Ultra-Sensitive Therapy Cream after washing or taking a shower.

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