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An autoimmune disease which manifests on the skin, Psoriasis occurs because the skin's immune system mistakenly sees skin cells as pathogens, and then sends out incorrect signals which increases the growth cycle of skin cells.

Psoriasis and Stress

Psoriasis can begin at any age, although it seems that the most common ages to develop psoriasis is between the ages of 15 and 30. As Psoriasis is a life time condition its important to know what causes flare ups As a psoriasis sufferer, have you ever noticed that the more stressful your life becomes, the more severe your psoriasis comes? Well, don’t put it down to coincidence - Psoriasis and Stress very much go hand in hand What is stress Stress can stem from almost anywhere, whether it be … [Read more...]

Natural Treatment for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that can be characterised by red, scaly-like patches covering the skin. It is thought to affect around 3% of the American population and 125 million people worldwide according to psoriasis.org, While it may have an aesthetically unattractive nature, psoriasis is by no means simply a cosmetic problem – 60% of sufferers claim the condition causes significant problems in their day to day lives, so they constantly seek the best natural treatment for … [Read more...]

Psoriasis and Alcohol

We all already know that alcohol can cause a multitude of health problems and deficiencies, but did you know that it could also responsible for outbreaks of psoriasis? First and foremostly it is important to point out that there is no medical, definitive proof that there is actually a direct connection between alcohol and psoriasis. However, let us look at the facts A connection between Psoriasis and Alcohol? In 1986, a magazine called Dermatologica published an article by Monk and Neill … [Read more...]

Psoriasis and Argan Oil

There are a variety of treatments on offer to treat psoriasis, however, a psoriasis sufferer should never purchase any treatment without  knowing first exactly what ingredients are in the particular product. Argan Oil is a key ingredient to look out for when choosing psoriasis treatment. And why? Well… Benefits of Argan Oil The success of Argan Oil really comes down to its scientific properties. It has a significantly high level of fatty acids, antioxidants, phenols and carotenes, all of … [Read more...]

Psoriasis and Smoking

Smoking tobacco is not good for us. Not in any way shape or form. And this certainly applies when it comes to the risk of psoriasis. Smoking not only increases your risk of developing psoriasis but can also increase the severity of any existing areas of the condition. Even passive smoking when pregnant or as a child can increase your risk of developing psoriasis in later life. A connection between Psoriasis and Smoking? It probably isn’t much of a surprise to you that smoking can cause a … [Read more...]

Psoriasis and Diet

Psoriasis is not an easy condition to live with so sufferers are usually very keen to find whatever they can to alleviate their symptoms. But what if this could be achieved by something as simple as what you eat? There are very few studies that show a medical link between Psoriasis and Diet but there have been vast amounts of claims from sufferers that there is. So where are these claims coming from? I recently tried your soap and was amazed at the improvement it made to my psoriasis. … [Read more...]

Psoriasis | Q & A | Psoriasis Treatment and Care

What is psoriasis? Psoriasis is a skin condition that particularly affects the elbows, knees, scalp and lower back. It ranges from sore and itchy red patches to cracked and bleeding skin, especially around joints. Find out more about our Natural Treatment for Psoriasis [social_share/] What are the common symptoms of psoriasis? Here are the most common types of psoriasis: If your skin has raised red patches with silvery white scales, that’s called ‘plaque psoriasis’ (this is the … [Read more...]

Best autumn and winter treatment for psoriasis

Guess what, winter is coming round again (in the northern hemisphere, anyway). The new school term has started, the days are getting shorter and the autumn equinox is looming. For people with psoriasis, the onset of winter can be an extra cause for dread. Why? Because winter means colder temperatures, dryer air and less sunlight, and all these conditions can lead to a flare-up of your condition. So you’re probably asking yourself, what’s the best autumn and winter psoriasis treatment? … [Read more...]

Children with Psoriasis

Children can be cruel. Playground questioning: “Eww, what’s the matter with your skin?” Overheard gossip: “Have you seen those red scaly patches on her elbows?” Out-and-out rudeness: “Yuk, your skin is horrible.” It’s bad enough for children with psoriasis that their skin is unsightly, itchy and uncomfortable. But, perhaps worse, the condition can impact their self-confidence and relationships, with a knock-on effect on performance at school and in their social life. 20% OFF cream for … [Read more...]

Are you Seeking an Alternative Treatment for Psoriasis?

Until science finds a cure for psoriasis we can offer an alternative treatment. As you may know, the most famous fictional character with severe psoriasis is The Singing Detective in the 1986 BCC drama series starring Michael Gambon that was most recently repeated in February 2012. The story was written by Dennis Potter, himself a psoriasis sufferer who had to write with a pen tied to his fist. In 2003, the drama was remade as a film starring Robert Downey Jr. Most people with psoriasis … [Read more...]