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Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care is the care of the skin using products which are manufactured using ingredients which occur naturally in nature such as mud, herbs, roots, essential oils and flowers. These ingredients are mixed with naturally occurring preservatives, surfactants, humectants and emulsifiers which act as carrier agents.

When Buying Products for Skin Health Choose Zander!

Skin Health ProductsSkin Health Products Containing Zander
Skin Health Products seem to creep up our agenda as we get older and notice cracks and crinkles starting to appear. With me it was the crows-feet that, if you’ll forgive the pun put a different complexion on my skin health.

I work with a Skin Health Products company so I get to test and use the very latest Skin Health Products and be involved in their research and manufacture. Zander is offered to us by mother nature and we offer it to you in our Skin Health Product range.

Zander, Your Skins Best Friend

Most Skin Care Products are mass-manufactured for profit and as a result many of even the leading brands contain non-natural ingredient mixes which are not really conducive to natural skin health. Our product range only contains ingredients which can be found naturally in nature which is why they call us the “Natural Skin Products Company”.

Zander’s properties include:

  • Lipids: fatty acids that nourish dehydrated skin
  • Vitamins that control healing and maintain the skin’s appearance
  • Minerals that nourish, rejuvenate and heal
  • Humic and fulvic substances that repair and restore skin cells
  • Amino acids that prevent dehydration and build a healthy skin

Working together, these diverse properties repair and maintain the skin: neutralising acids…capturing toxins…exfoliating…hydrating…creating a natural paraben-free alternative to traditional skin care.

Buying Natural Skin Health Products

You can read how Zander was formed here, but for now let’s concentrate on why Zander is important in Skin Health Products.

The skin is an organ, quite an important one I’m sure you’ll agree and Zander is perfectly formed by nature to help us make Skin Health Products for you because it’s properties include so many of the vitamins and minerals needed to sustain a healthy skin care regime at the same time as drawing impurities from the skin and deep cleansing as a final bonus.

Whilst our Skin Health Products range is small, it is perfectly formed to help us all maintain healthy skin and also tackle serious skin problems head on with the knowledge that because it is so pure it is safe for the whole family and will never aggravate the skin issues we are trying to address.

We welcome any Skin Health questions you may have; Contact us and we’ll try to help you with your skin related problems or questions.


Planet Friendly Natural Skin Care Products

Natural Skin Care ProductsThey call us the Natural Skin Care Company
There are a dizzying and confusing number of Skin Care Products available on the global skin care market. However if you, like millions of others are turning to Natural Skin Care Products how do you decide which brand is right for you?

Sustainability and use of pure natural ingredients is key.
We can no longer plunder and damage our planet, the time has come to work with nature and support our environment whilst finding the best skin care products for you.

Effective, Natural, Sustainable Skin Care Products

They call Syrinx Za the Natural Skin Care Products company because we only use sustainable ingredients found naturally in nature which in no way damage the environment during the manufacture of our Skin Care Products.

We’ve gone the extra mile to create a small range of Skin Care Products which are hypoallergenic, only tested on humans and are clinically tested to deliver meaningful results. Our Skin Care Products can be used by people of all ages and whilts the range is small it caters for a very wide range of skin conditions and irritations from shaving rash to eczema and psoriasis.

Skin Care Products engineered around Zander

Whilst our Skin Care Products contain many natural ingredients, our main ingredient is Zander. Zander is a derivative of ancient rotted reed-beds many thousands of years old.

We invite your to read an overview of our Skin Care Products and further invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about Skin Care Products in general or your particular skin issue in detail.


Prevent the Contraction of Athletes Foot

Prevent the Transmission of Athletes FootPrecautions to Prevent the contraction of Athletes Foot
Prevention is always better than cure. Athletes Foot is a fungal infection that can be transmitted from person to person generally in areas where people walk barefoot such as swimming pools, showers or even the beach.

The fungi which causes Athletes Foot can live happily on shower floors or any area where bare foot sufferers walk so the beach and swimming pools are areas where most care should be taken.

How to Identify Athletes Foot

The image above depicts a particularly nasty case of Athletes Foot. The skin on the feet will be flake and be scaly and the feet will itch quite badly. In bad cases the skin on the feet may crack leading to painful exposed tissue, swelling and inflammation. If you get a case as bad as this you should consult your GP.

How to Prevent Catching Athletes Foot

Firstly keep the feet as dry as possible because the fungi which causes Athletes Foot thrives in damp conditions. Avoid walking barefoot in high foot-traffic areas where people go barefoot. Wear clean, dry flip-flops or other suitable footwear at the pool or beach. Don’t share towels or footwear.

Further Preventative Measures

Foot hygiene is a key preventative measure. When exposing yourself situations where contraction may be possible when on holiday or a visit to the gym or the pool use the Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar to deeply clean the feet. The Therapy bar draws toxins from the skin and cleans very thoroughly more than normal soap can.

How to Cure Athletes Foot

If you have contracted Athletes Foot then the best cure for Athletes Foot is to keep the feet dry and to treat them with a natural emollient cream in the following manner.

Use the Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar to deeply clean the feet. Work the therapy bar up into a rich lather and work the lather into the skin. Work the lather gently for a few minutes. Then rinse the feet and pad dry with a clean towel.

Allow the feet to dry naturally and then apply the Syrinx Za Natural Emollient Cream. Design for eczema sufferers the emollient is the perfect cream for Athletes foot. Allow the cream to absorb to the skin fully before putting on your shoes and socks.

If you have any questions about Athletes Foot please contact us.


Natural Family Skin Care and Cleansing

Natural Family Skin CareFamily Skin Hygiene and Natural Deep Cleansing
Your families skin is important to you and you want to use natural, sustainable products created only with ingredients found naturally in nature.

The Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar can help you achieve your family skin care goals.
It’s the ideal family cleanser, it lifts impurities from the skin as it deep cleanses and helps prevent possible fungal infections.
Buy now or read more about the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar:

Natural Family Soap

The Deep cleansing Therapy Bar for your Family Skin Care Regime.
Actually, it’s not really soap, it’s a natural cold-processed skin therapy bar. It’s just easier to call it soap!

As well as being great for general family skin care it’s also ideal for dry skin conditions from simple shaving rash to more serious family skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.


Zander the Natural Skin Care Wonder Ingredient

They call Syrinx Za the Natural Skin Care Company for good reason. Syrinx Za only use natural in nature ingredients in all of their products and in particular they use a wonder ingredient named Zander.

Zander is a dermatological – and geological – phenomenon!

A sediment found in a rare ancient lakes across North Eastern Europe, Zander has been used for centuries as a natural skincare treatment. And today, Zander is the basis of a whole range of Natural Skin Care products.

Zander’s secret lies in its ability to remove toxins and metals from the skin – drawing out impurities before restoring the skin’s natural moisture. It’s a different approach that sets our products apart from traditional remedies, that work by sealing chemicals into the skin.

Zander is full of natural vitamins and minerals, which are well known to help boost the body’s own immune system boosting the body’s ability to fight afflictions such as warts or skin tags and other irritable sensitive dry skin issues.

The History of Zander

View the complete range of Syrinx Za. Natural Skin Care Products containing Zander.


Natural Shaving Cream

I never thought it existed, a non chemical, non aerosol shaving cream. Now I’m not a tree hugger and I don’t want to save the world single handed, although that would be cool.

Because I have sensitive skin, particularly on my face. I have tried every manufactured shaving cream, foam, balm, soap etc, known to man and never found one I liked in a combination of non aerosol, natural ingredients and planet friendly. So I stopped looking.

Natural Shaving Lather form the Syrinx Za Soap

Guess what? Quite by chance I met the team at Syrinx Za and they presented me with the perfect solution in the form of a bar of soap. Soap, I hear you exclaim!! Yes, soap, but not any old soap.

Cold Processed Shaving Soap

This soap called the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, is cold processed and hand made from all natural ingredients and it has a brilliant lather which is perfect for cleansing my sensitive skin and the lather is perfect to use as a shaving cream which leaves my skin feeling like the proverbial babies butt…

A Rich Aromatic Lather

The Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar Soap, produces a very rich aromatic lather which, amongst other natural ingredients includes, Olive, Coconut and Castor oils which lock in moisture and heal shaver burn with an antiseptic effect.

Chemical and Paraben Free

The Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, Soap is made from 100% natural products and importantly is paraben and paraffin free so it really is kind to the skin. It’s also rich in a natural ingredient named Zander which is an ancient lake sediment which hydrates the skin and draws out impurities.

Find out More about the Natural Shaving Cream – Soap

The Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar is very versatile natural skincare product which is suitable for every member of the family from new-born to the elderly. And it’s suitable for every cleansing and shaving situation. Find out more about the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar.


Natural Makeup Removal Soap

Makeup removal soap comes in no better form than the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar from Syrinxza – a natural product that removes all types of makeup, with very little effort needed.

The Best Way to Remove Makeup

But what is it that makes the deep cleansing therapy bar the best way to remove makeup?

Firstly, it has been praised for how gently it removes makeup. Rather than making the skin dry and sore, which is often the result seen from using other soaps, the deep cleansing therapy bar works by removing makeup and cleansing the skin at the same time, which helps to lock in moisture and make the skin irresistibly smooth and clear.

Secondly, the deep cleansing natural makeup removal soap is made from healthy plant oils, such as olive and coconut, as well as castoroil, beeswax, turmeric and Sapropel. These ingredients are far better than the ingredients to be found in other soaps, and contain over five times the amount of Glycerine that is normally found in such a product. By using a traditional method of production, that preserves the Glycerine by-product, the natural makeup removal soap impressively does its job and re-moisturises the skin at the same time.

Thirdly, the turmeric, which is a natural disinfectant found in the soap, does exactly as it says – disinfects the skin – without resulting in any side effects. Similarly, the Sapropel is mildly abrasive and will remove any particulates, such as dead skin and make-up residues. Zander is rare lake sediment that hydrates the skin and cleanses it, by drawing out impurities.

Chemical and Paraben Free Cold Processed Soap

Finally, the natural makeup removal soap is also chemical and paraben free. This means that the soap will therefore only work to sooth and nourish the skin, rather than drying it out. The makeup removal soap helps pores to remain open and to continue functioning as they should.

When combined, all of these ingredients lock in moisture, heal the skin with antiseptic, and produce a rich, aromatic lather.

Who is the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar Suitable For?

The deep cleansing therapy bar is most suitable for those who suffer frequently from dry skin, or those who use other treatments to manage various skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, and cracked or hypersensitive skin. This is because while even the mildest of soaps can be unkind to dry or sensitive skin, this hand-processed alternative works with the skin, not only proving itself to be the best makeup remover, but to be the most beneficial one to use too.

Will the Natural Makeup Removal Soap Help With Other Skin Problems?

This dry skin soap has been praised by people with all different skin problems, from contact dermatitis, flaky skin, hives, hard skin, eczema and psoriasis, to skin tags, wart, skin allergies, scaly skin and methotrexate psoriasi. This natural makeup removal soap is a soft and highly sensitive dry skin soap, which achieves astonishing results.

Can the dry skin soap be used with any other products?

The deep cleansing therapy bar is a product that can be used hand in hand with the ultra sensitive therapy cream, to maximise the results seen from using it. After make-up removal, the skin can be further protected with the ultra sensitive therapy cream, which can also be bought from Syrinxza.

No matter whether you already suffer from dry skin or dry skin conditions such as eczema, or whether you simply want to buy a makeup remover that actually does what it claims to, the deep cleansing therapy bar is a must-have in your beauty cabinet, and certainly one you can’t afford to be without.

Read more about this amazing Makeup Removal Soap called the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar


Natural Skin Care Company

Syrinx Za are known as the Natural Skin Care Company. Natural Skin Care because we only use Ingredients in our products which are derived from natural in nature sources, such as Zander which is a derivative of rotted weeds from ancient reed beds in pristine lakes in Eastern Europe.

Natural Skin Care

Natural and Sustainable along with no animal testing is important to us and our Mission. All of our products have been tested on real people and this is supported by our clinical trials and testing and our many Natural Skin Care testimonials.

Contact the Natural Skin Care Team

We’d love to hear from you if you have a skin issue you would like our input on or if you are a retailer or wholesaler seeking to stock a new and effective Natural Skin Care Products.


What is the best Skincare?

Natural skincare is the care of the skin using products which are manufactured using ingredients which occur naturally in nature such as mud, herbs, roots, essential oils and flowers. These ingredients are mixed with naturally occurring preservatives, surfactants, humectants and emulsifiers which act as carrier agents.

As an example Syrinx ZA use an ingredient, which we have named “Zander”. Zander is formed from a sediment taken from ancient lakes in Eastern Europe and is a derivative of rotted reeds which have lain pristine for thousands of years. Zander is our “wonder” ingredient. You can read more about Zander here.

The general definition for natural skin care is based on manufacturing using botanically sourced ingredients which occur naturally in nature, without the use of man-made synthetic chemicals, and manufactured in such a way to preserve the integrity of the ingredients, such as “cold-processing” soap.

So, what is the best skincare

We believe that the best skincare is natural skincare obtained by using products which have been tried and tested and proven to be:

  1. Natural – All natural in nature ingredients
  2. Sustainable – Natural ingredients farmed without use of fertilizers or robbing the land
  3. Animal Friendly – Not Tested on Animals.

Syrinx Za is a company formed with a mission to support skin issue sufferers with the best natural skincare products available from nature. We are a young company but we have lots of great feedback from happy clients. Please read our feedback to get a feel for the benefit our products can provide.

Natural Skin Care Soap

Whilst we have a comprehensive range of natural skincare products, our crowning glory is our cold processed soap. Named the Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, this natural soap has fantastic regenerative and cleansing properties which are suitable from all the family from Baby to Granny.

If you are interested in natural skincare, you’ll love our natural skincare products. Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any natural skin care questions.