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The term eczema is applied to a range of persistent skin conditions symptoms of which include. dryness of the skin and uncomfortable persistent skin rashes characterized by redness, swealling, dryness, itching, flaking, blistering and even bleeding of the skin in affected areas.

Argan Oil Products For Skin Care & Anti-Ageing

Argan nut on a branchArgan Oil Is Great For the Hair and Skin

Argan oil is a natural ingredient from the kernels of the argan tree that is endemic from Morocco. The plant oil is extracted from the kernels to create a plant oil that has many skin benefits and is used in skin care products.

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids making it ideal to nourish and revitalise tired, dry skin.  Argan oil based products and creams are excellent for skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Recently there has been an increase in the use of argan oil shampoo and conditioners for the hair as it is now known for the wonderful benefits argan oil has on both the hair and the scalp.

Argan tree with nuts on branchesSyrinx Za uses the natural by product oil of the argan tree to accompany the unique ingredient sapropel. When combined they are the perfect combination to soft, healthy, smooth skin and shiney hair.

Argan oil is also known as argania spinosa and contains omega-6, vitamin A, vitamin F and vitamin E.
Which have anti-ageing properties, anti oxidants, help skin elasticity and protect against free radicals, bringing a natural shine to the hair and creating soft nourished skin. Argan oil is also proven to alleviate skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis and dermatitis.

seeds of arganIt has been used for centuries by the Moroccans and its benefits are now recognised in the skin and beauty world.

Many argan based high street products contain 2-4% argan oil, whereas Syrinxza skin care range uses about 6-8%, making it a more natural and better product.

The following Syrinxza skin care products uses argan oil in its ingredients:

Hair & Scalp Pre-Wash Reviver
Skin Revitaliser Hydration Cream
Natural Emollient Hydrating Cream

Psoriasis All Natural Shampoo

Psoriasis All Natural ShampooPsoriasis All Natural Shampoo, created by Syrinx Za is Paraben-Free.

Calm soreness, reduce swelling, and eradicate itchy scalp conditions using Syrinx Za natural shampoo, conditioner and pre-wash products.

All our products are formulated for scalp conditions with totally natural ingredients so they nourish the scalp and leave the hair healthy, clean and shiney.

Free from parabens, paraffin, steroids and other chemicals.

Our unique ingredient is Zander that removes toxins and metals from the skin, drawing out impurities before restoring the skin’s natural moisture.

Zander is full of minerals and vitamins which help boost the body’s own immune system to fight irritable, dry itchy skin conditions.

Syrinx Za products include dry scalp and psoriasis all natural shampoo:

SyrinxZa Hair Care ShampooIngredients Description
Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride Conditions the shampoo and makes the hair soft and easy to manage
Polyquaternium – 7 Adds softness and shine, good for detangling hair.
MEA Lauryl Sulfate Mild detergent and lathering agent
Wheat Amino Acids Rejuvenate the very core of the hairs, improving moisture retention and appearance.
Glycerin Binds water and stops the hair drying out
Cocamide DEA Surfactant that allows oily dirt to be rinsed from the hair
Piroctone Olamine Thickens the hair and reduces hair loss
Parfum Our fragrances are attractive yet subtle.
Argania spinosa (Argan) Oil Contains Omega-6 and Vitamin F. Excellent anti-ageing properties and hair nourished with the oil will begin to look shiny and beautiful.
Disodium EDTA Chelating agent that removes impurities from the hair as you treat it
Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone Preservative- stops the product ‘going off’
Citric Acid Vegetable acid used to reduce pH
Lauryl Betaine Non-irritant surfactant

All Natural Dry Scalp & Psoriasis Shampoo…

Syrinx Za Hair Products are all natural and ideal for people who suffer with dry scalp, eczema and psoriasis conditions. Syrinx Za hair care is a three-stage system consisting of a pre-wash, shampoo, conditioner.

Syrinx Za Hair Care: Why It Is So Special… All three products contain Zander, a highly organic deposit from remote lakes in Eastern Europe. The material is very pure and contains no man-made chemicals of any sort.Yet it is packed full of substances that are beneficial to the human hair and scalp. These include amino acids, lipids vitamins and fulvic acid.

All Natural Dry Scalp ShampooWhen applied to the hair as a prewash, these substances get to work-rejuvenating the fibres that compose the individual hair strands and moisturising the scalp. For people with scalp problems such as eczema and psoriasis, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and other complaints, Zander will reduce itchiness and improve your scalp condition, usually reducing the symptoms. Zander, argon, soya and olive oils all have properties to help bring this about. They are complemented by vitamin E (tocopherol) and lanolin.

All Natural Dry Scalp Shampoo

After half an hour the prewash can be rinsed out and your hair is ready for cleansing. Syrinx Za shampoo will perform this task in the gentlest, kindest way. It’s great for tinted hair and for long hair that needs careful treatment. Again Zander is used, along with argon oil from Morocco and wheat amino acids to massage and deep-clean. Finally the Syrinx Za conditioner is applied. Along with Zander and argon oil, it contains olive oil to condition and protect your hair and scalp. Zander hair care is very suitable for people who have problem hair and scalp. However it can be enjoyed by literally everyone. Because natural substances are used there is much less chance of adverse and allergic reaction. The surfactants used to bring these substances to the hair are the mildest available. Syrinx Za dry scalp and hair products are all natural.

Syrinx Za All Natural Dry Scalp Products => CLICK HERE


Coping With Eczema

What is the best treatment for eczema?Eczema is where patches of skin become itchy, red, rough and inflamed and it can be hard to cope with everyday, it can get you down, and for some its all too much to cope with.

Many people that have been suffering for years do find various ways of coping with eczema and we thought it would be good to share a few tips for those that are less experienced, as once you learn a few tips to cope with eczema it can become easier to live with.

Tips for Coping With Eczema

These are our top tips for coping with eczema, of course there are many other things you might want to know about such as diets and triggers which you can find more about in our blog section.

Controlling the itch

Eczema usually appears in early childhood and the hardest things to overcome are to stop our children from scratching, to find the trigger or even to find something that can prevent the itch. This is the battle and this is where it all starts you see, the itch is just too much to bare. As with anything trying to prevent it from even starting up is the best way.

Keep Moisturised

We can’t say this enough, its very important to keep your skin moisturised at all times. Yes, it can be a pain to have to keep up a skincare routine for eczema, but less of a pain that having to suffer a flare up.   You know when a flare-up is starting as you start to get a few dry itchy patches and already you are having to resist the urge to scratch, which is really difficult at night. However. hopefully using the correct moisturiser or cream daily you can prevent a eczema flare-up from even starting.  Of course this helps if you also can avoid your triggers but keeping your skin moisturised is the first key to success.

Keep Hydrated Inside and Out

Its good also when getting in to the habit of a skincare routine, to also get into the habit of drinking lots of water.

Quick Warm Baths

Bathing is good but make sure your baths or showers are not too hot and that you don’t stay in them for too long, 10 minutes is a perfect time, just enough time to wash (with a natural soap) and then once you are out, pat yourself dry and apply you moisturiser. Baths are better than showers, as it soaps the skin better but a shower will suffice if that’s all there is.

Keeping Cool

This can apply in the summer and even the winter, as the temperature of our skin, sweat and hydration all can be factors.  Our heating can dry out the air, so keep a window open and put on an extra jumper if you are cold.

Clothes and Laundry

Keep away from wool – try to wear cotton clothing, and wash the clothes with a non bio powder or liquid.

Eczema Skincare Routine

See our Skincare routine for eczema – follow this and these steps above and you should be well on your way to coping with eczema.


Eczema and Hormones

Diet and EczemaWe wrote recently about how the skin is affected by our hormones during the menopause but it is also reported that Eczema and hormones are connected too.

When there is a raise or a drop in certain hormones  this can cause an imbalance which is a common cause for eczema flare-ups especially for women.  Many women for instance suffer from flare ups just before their menstrual period or when they are pregnant.

Eczema and Hormones

Are you wondering if hormones are causing your eczema to worsen or have outbreaks?  Many people do wonder if hormones affect their eczema or if certain times of the month eczema does worsen, or if it is their imagination.  We can tell you that its not your imagination at all.

While it is very difficult to determine the cause of eczema some people’s skin are clearly are affected by the hormone changes at certain times.

If you are postmenopausal, pregnant, or noticing a that your skin is worse the week prior to your period then it could be that your Oestrogen or progesterone are too high or too low respectively. These imbalances will aggravate your eczema causing a flare-up.

It’s not only eczema that can be affected by this imbalance of hormones but many other skin conditions can suffer.

What can I do to help my Eczema during this time?

As always we suggest a balanced diet, trying to avoid the biggest culprits such as shellfish, soy, nuts and eggs and to eat more whole grains, green vegetables, fruits and less red meat.

Avoid scratching the skin, we know you’ve heard it before but this really does make the skin much worse and can cause infection.

To help with the itch and the rash you might like to try our treatment regime for eczema, which has proven very successful during clinical trials, so much so that whatever the cause 8 out of 10 eczema sufferers reported improvements in their skin causing it to be less itchy, softer and moisturised.  The most important thing to remember is that you need to keep to a eczema treatment schedule and not just give up when the skin is feeling better, prevention is the key.

Eczema Treatment

Following this eczema treatment daily not just when your skin is bad, will start to build up a barrier and to teach your immune system to heal the skin naturally.

  1. Wash using the Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar, rubbing the thick lather into the affected areas. This will deep cleanse your skin, removing any toxins whilst also moisturising the skin.
  2. After Bathing apply the Natural Emollient for Eczema, softly and gently to relieve inflammation and soreness.

Try to do this twice a day and this should help the problem with eczema and hormones – some people benefit from rubbing the lather from the Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar into the skin and leaving it overnight, the allows the powerful ingredients to really get to work on your skin.




October is Eczema Awareness Month

eczema awareness monthWe’ve recently had eczema awareness week and now we have eczema awareness month which gives us much more time to raise awareness for this dreadful skin complaint that is not contagious and not curable.

All through the month of October the National Eczema Association is working hard to raise awareness about Eczema with various activities and publicity. You too can help, let us show that we care!

Spreading the Word

The aim for eczema awareness month is to spread the word as far and wide as possible so that one day it might be possible to find a cure.

What is Eczema Anyway?

Well, I’m glad you asked…  Eczema is an inflammation of the skin which is extremely itchy and uncomfortable. The word eczema actually is one of those ancient Greek words which means “to boil over” which exactly is how your skin feels when you suffer with eczema.

The skin has a red, itchy rash and gets worse if scratched. There are varying degrees of eczema from Acute to Infected – where some get pus filled blisters that weep and some that just get raised lumps or thickened very dry skin.

As we’ve said before eczema is NOT contagious, it can be that you were just unlucky that your parents had eczema and so it’s likely that you will. Some people seem to get for no reason at all and others are triggered by irritants, or many other reasons.

How You Can Help During Eczema Awareness Month

The National Eczema Awareness has a long list of suggestions on how you can help to raise awareness for eczema…

You can increase awareness by creating discussions at school or even holding school assemblies. Or by contacting your local TV and radio and sharing your stories.

Maybe hold some fundraisers, such as family fun days, car washing or bike rides.

What is the Best Eczema Treatment

There are many different types of eczema treatment out there and no skin is the same, everyone’s skin does react differently to different treatments.  Some don’t work at all, some seem to work for a few months.

However at Syrinx Za Natural Skincare we have had some extremely good results with our clinical testing where 80% of eczema sufferers reported improvements in their skin.  Well, we don’t want to blow our own trumpet but we are very pleased with our results and just glad that we can help people by treating their eczema and so making their lives a little better.

So, lets get out there this month and spread the word about Eczema and Eczema Awareness Month.  

Please start now by pressing the buttons below ! 


How to Treat Eczema

how to treat eczemaIf you are here then you probably suffer from eczema or know someone that does and want to know how to treat eczema.

Well, you have come to the right place!

I know, you’ve heard it all before, how a certain wonderful eczema treatment is just the right thing to treat your eczema, and it gets tedious trying new treatments. However just keep reading for a while you might be surprised.

Eczema treatments

The trouble with eczema is that although this debilitating skin condition has the same symptoms, such as red, itchy inflamed skin, some treatments actually affect people differently, that is because your skin is unique. We realise this at Syrinx Za.

Clinical Trials for Eczema Treatments

We are lucky at Syrinx ZA that our eczema treatment has been through such stringent clinical trials (never tested on animals) that we know over 80% of eczema sufferers have experienced improvements to their skin. We found in the trials that all of Syrinx Za products work by replacing lost moisture to the skin and then forming a barrier leaving skin feeling smooth and relieved.  The eczema treatments relieve symptoms of dry, itchy, sensitive skin, which is a big part of the battle to treat eczema.

One of the ingredients Sapropel, which we named Zander does part of its job by protecting the skin from heavy metals and boosting the immune system to enable the skin to start repairing itself again.

Research and Development

Syrinx ZA are committed to continual research and using feedback from 2000 customer we have discovered that, eczema sufferers get noticeably smoother skin within 14 days with 9 out of 10 volunteers experiencing an improvement.

No, it’s not a miracle cure, and anyone that tells you that they have a cure for eczema is wrong, there is no cure, but this is how to treat eczema and keep it away or at least comfortable.

 How to treat eczema

We suggest the following Eczema treatment regime

Washing with the deep therapy bar morning and night rub the lather into the affected areas morning and night.  To sooth and deep cleanse the skin, removing all those nasty toxins. Some people find it best to leave the lather on overnight and rinse in the morning.

After bathing, apply the Natural Emollient Eczema Cream morning and night if you have rinsed off the lather to reduce inflammation, redness and itchiness.

For most people, this eczema treatment will be enough to comfort and soothe your skin, so much so that you will never need anything else.  However others might benefit from adding other Syrinx Za products to your skincare routine and find your own method on how to treat eczema. 


National Eczema Week 2013

EczemaNational Eczema Week 2013 runs from the 14th of September through to the 22nd of September to raise awareness about eczema.

Its a tough road for the eczema sufferer who can sometimes can feel alone, upset and frustrated about a skin condition that is incurable and that takes time and effort to manage so as just to be comfortable. However, hopefully we can help raise awareness and help with the comfort too!

Who Suffers with Eczema?

An astonishing 1-5 children suffer from eczema and 1-12 adults just in the UK but some people still wonder if it is contagious, its not; you can not catch eczema.

Causes of Eczema

They’re are many different types of eczema but most have the problem of itchy, red, sore, scaly, inflamed skin.  The cause of eczema is pretty much unknown but it is said to be due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Supporting National Eczema Week 2013

Syrinx Za in support of National Eczema Week again this year are offering a 20% Discount on all products for Eczema.  From the 14th of September 2013 just enter the code ECZEMA2013 at the checkout.

Our best eczema treatment sellers are..

The Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar

This is a handmade cold pressed soap which has antiseptic and purifying qualities, rids the skin of any chemicals and is incredibly moisturising and makes the skin feel fantastic.

Natural Emollient or Eczema Cream

The emollient is a natural skin relief, it will reduce redness, itching and inflammation by soothing and calming the skin.

But please do look through the website to see what might suit you the most.

All products are paraben free, steroid free and do not contain petroleum or chemicals.  What they do include is Zander, the therapeutic mud from the lakes across North Eastern Europe. Zander is full of natural vitamins and minerals that help to boost the body’s own immune system.

We hope you take advantage of this offer and hope that we have in some way helped this year with raising awareness with National Eczema Week 2013

Keep an eye out on Twitter and our Facebook page as we may have other exciting things going on this week.


Eczema Help

A Naturally Different Eczema TreatmentWhen people are first diagnosed with eczema it can be a stressful and worrying time. Sufferers just don’t know where to start with regard to looking after their skin.

With National Eczema Week just around the corner we thought it would be a good time to give some eczema help for those people with our top tips for eczema.

First of all don’t panic, try to relax, stress won’t help your eczema but following these few tips should.

Top tips for eczema help

There is no eczema cure,  however many people claim that they have the miracle cure for eczema but don’t panic as it can be managed or controlled.


Bathing is good for the skin, and is great for relaxation. However, it’s most important that you use lukewarm water and a chemical free, natural soap, such as the Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar.

Keep Cool

Sweat can irritate eczema so it’s essential that you keep cool. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Cold Compresses

Apply cold compresses to the skin at times when you just have to scratch this will calm your skin for a short time and prevent you from scratching.


We can’t say this enough… Eczema skin needs moisturising as often as possible with a natural moisturiser or emollient.


Try your best to discover and avoid triggers that cause your skin to flare up.

Know your ingredients

Many soaps, shampoos, skincare products, make up, detergents and even some eczema treatment courses can contain harsh chemicals, perfumes and colours that can harm your skin. Check the ingredients and go for natural products and parabens free where ever you can. If the supplier doesn’t list the ingredients, alarm bells might ring. We at Syrinx Za are proud to show our ingredients on our website.


  • Wear loose cotton clothing
  • Wash clothes with a non-bio liquid tablet or powder
  • Do not add fragranced sheets to the tumble drier

Do not scratch

Eczema sufferers do get fed up with hearing that sentence but scratching really does make eczema worse and can lead to infection. Keeping nails short and hands clean will help. Eczema is known as the itch that rashes, not the rash that itches. Reduce itching by following a natural skincare routine using an eczema treatment
Every eczema sufferer reacts differently to various products so sometimes it will need some trial and error until you find the correct detergent or cleaning  product. This can be very frustrating but try to keep to these guidelines and hopefully this will reduce any flare-up’s you might have.


Childhood Eczema

childhood eczemaChildhood Eczema or infantile eczema, shockingly affects around one in five of children in the UK. Atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis are the most common types of eczema that children suffer.

Atopic just means that someone is over sensitive to allergens, which could be anything from dust, chemicals or even certain foods.  In most cases the skin becomes itchy, is inevitably scratched and becomes sore, red and inflamed.

Why does my child have eczema?

The answer from many experts is that eczema is genetic and that eczema, asthma or some other type of allergy is passed on to cause eczema.

However, scientists are constantly trying to discover the connection or a reason why eczema chooses these unlucky children and sometimes a discovery might make the news. Such as this week in the Daily Mail we read that pregnant mothers that regularly swim can be increasing their child’s chances of suffering from eczema.

Exposure to chemicals

Scientists at the British Journal of Dermatology explained that exposure to airborne chemicals from pools such as chlorine and cleaning products may alter the baby’s immune system. We already know that chlorine and many other man-made chemicals can set off or trigger an eczema flare up so maybe it could factor that chemicals are affecting the developing immune system of our unborn children. The claims are that that exposure to these types of chemicals in pregnancy or as an infant can be attributed to childhood eczema.

No cure for Childhood Eczema

Sadly we are still a long way from a cure for all the different types of eczema, let alone childhood eczema but we can strive to reduce the flare ups and to prevent the triggers to make our children comfortable.

During a flare up you might typically see atopic eczema in the folds of the skin, the backs of the knees and the inside of the elbows which can be very itchy, sore and uncomfortable. Eczema can of course appear anywhere but these are common areas, also because sweat can collect in the folds and this makes the skin itchy. It’s that scratching for a start that we need to stop or at least reduce, as it is making the eczema worse.

There are certain steps you can take to keep your child cool – see Summer Tips for Baby Eczema.

2 Step Treatment regime for childhood eczema

Every morning and night
1 – Remove toxins and chemicals from the skin using the Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar. Wash gently using a thick lather from the soap, and then pat dry. For extra sore areas, you might like to try this – rub in some of the lather to leave overnight and wash off in the morning.

Washing with soft water is the best or water previously boiled in a kettle and cooled.

2 – Apply the Natural Emollient for Eczema, gently working the cream into the skin.
If not leaving on the lather from the Therapy Bar; Repeat both procedures morning and night.

Your child should soon get some relief from itching and soreness and you will get peace of mind from Childhood Eczema.