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Cracked Feet

People of all gender and age suffer from dry, damaged feet and cracked heels. We advise treatment of affected skin before the affected skin begins to itch and then peel or crack. Treated regularly Syrinx Products can eradicate cracked heels.

What Causes Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are caused by stiff, hard skin on the being put under stress, eventually something has to give and the hard skin on the heels cracks. Hard skin on the heels can be materialise if the skin is dehydrated by the environment the sufferer is frequently in or the weather. Which makes sense when you consider that ladies wearing open shoes are the largest group of sufferers. Avoid Deeply Cracked Heels Cracked heels vary in severity from slight cracks looking like sand patterns on … [Read more...]

Foot Cream

There are many reasons why a person may decide to use a Foot Cream, but with Syrinx Za the reason is always going to be general feet health and hygiene with preventative products and actions. Arguably most feet skin related issues are due to “Poor Feet Maintenance” Imagine if you never put any oil in the engine of your car! It would soon break down… Syrinx Za have a great selection of Foot Creams so you can combat almost any Feet Skin issues. However we will stick with preventative … [Read more...]

Cracked Heels Treatment

As well as being unsightly, Cracked Heels can be very uncomfortable if not painful, and if not cared for could lead to further problems. Whilst there are many cracked heels treatments on the market, many of them are chemical based which is not conducive to natural skin care or kind to the environment. Syrinx Za have developed a natural, sustainable treatment regime for cracked heels. Syrinx Za, Cracked Heels Treatment Regime Using the Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar (a natural cold … [Read more...]