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Cracked Feet

People of all gender and age suffer from dry, damaged feet and cracked heels. We advise treatment of affected skin before the affected skin begins to itch and then peel or crack. Treated regularly Syrinx Products can eradicate cracked heels.

Cracked Feet Treatment Promotion

Cracked Feet, Chilblains, Chaps
The Derma Protector & Detox Soap

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Cracked Feet ===> Silky Smooth Soft Feet

Syrinx Za Products for Cracked Skin


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Amazing Skin Care for Cracked Feet!

In winter feet are more prone due to chillblains, cracked feet and even chaps.

We recommend using the combination of our award winning therapy bar also known as the detox soap and the derma protector.

Made from reed mud and blended with natural ingredients.

The products contain minerals and nutrients that help detox the skin whilst giving the skin a soft, smooth appearance.

It is suitable for all skin types.

These include:

  • Argan Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Tumeric

Originally designed for those with skin conditions, yet also enjoyed by those who want their skin to look healthy, feel softer and some say even look younger!


“Amazing for cracked feet, my feet use to be really dry and looked like athletes feet syndrome, all peeling with the heels and between the toes all cracked. I have been using the Syrinxza products and have found that the issue i had with the skin on my feet has gone, and i had this issue for 30 years. I had tried lots of other products and none of them worked on a long term basis. Im delighted to recommend these products as i have happy feet now!” J. Ward, London

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Thanks for your interest in natural skin care products and the wonderful testimonials and feedback we receive.

Syrinxza Team


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Emollient Healed My Cracked Skin

“Robertsons made my skin crack and bleed and I used it for 4 weeks and it didn’t improve. I’ve been using the emollient for about 2 weeks now and it’s healed all my cracks and make my hands so much smoother. They’re still a little bit red Eczema Emollient Creamso I’ve just ordered the cleansing bar and hopefully that will get rid of this. I highly recommend syrinx! X”

Testimonial from Syrinxza Facebook page.

Melissa Iniff

31st January 2016

Melissa has been using the Emollient Cream.




Dry Cracked Skin Solution

Do You Suffer From Cracked Skin?

Cracked Skin On Feet and HeelsWe find many people suffer from cracked skin that can be both uncomfortable and unsightly.
The feet, in particular between toes and on the heels and hands are the most common areas for cracked skin.
The most common cause for cracked skin is due to dry skin or excessive use and pressure applied to the skin. For example many sports people, gardeners, cyclists, chefs have cracked skin.

In sport typically runners, rowers, gymnastics, cyclists are known to potential have cracked skin.

We recommend Syrinxza products to both clear up cracked areas as well as for prevention.

The best method is a 2 step process where you use:

Deep Cleansing Skin Therapy Soap

1. The Deep Cleansing & Detoxifying Therapy Bar to keep the area cleansed.



Natural Emollient for Eczemaand Psoriasis2. Then use the Natural Emollient Hydrating Cream to ensure deep moisturising.



You can buy the products separately or we recommend our Special Promotion.

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil For The Skin

Almond Oil Tree Flowering

Almond Oil Tree Flowering

Almond oil for skin, a natural ingredient from a species of tree known as Prunus that is native to the Middle East and South Asia.

The almond tree grows to a height of 4-10m and produces white and pale pink flowers with 5 petals.

The fruit of the tree is a drupe which has an outer hull and a hard shell with the seed inside, the edible and widely cultivated seed of this tree is known as almond and is used to extract almond oil which has many benefits for the skin.

There are bitter and sweet almonds, sweet almonds are used in in the production of almond oil for the skin.

The almond tree goes back at least 5000 years and was even found in the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt in c.1325BC. Nowadays, amazingly California in United States produce at least 80% of the worlds almond supply, followed by Spain, Iran, Italy and Morocco.

Almond Oil Nut Good For Skin

Almond Oil Nut Good For Skin

Benefits Of Almond Oil:

Almonds are rich in:

  • B Vitamins
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin E

Plus essential minerals:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
Sweet Almond Oil Good For The Skin

Sweet Almond Oil Good For The Skin

The almond nut is about 45% oil and is extracted from the dried kernel of “sweet” almonds to produce sweet almond oil for the skin industry.

Almond oil has been used in the cosmetic and health industries for many years
and has traditionally been used by massage therapists to soften and lubricate the skin.

Syrinx Za uses the almond oil in its natural skin care range as a carrier oil and for giving the skin a soft and smooth appearance.

The sweet almond oil is packed with vitamin E gives the skin a wonderful hydration, soothing dry itchy skin and reducing inflammation, whilst nourishing the skin.

The following Syrinxza skin care products uses argan oil in its ingredients:

Skin Revitaliser Hydration Cream
Natural Emollient Hydrating Cream

Foot Cream For Cracked Heels

Foot Cream For Cracked Feet and Heels

Foot Cream For Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are very common as most people don’t pay attention to their feet and moisturise on a regular basis. It is more common in older people, however it can occur in anyone for a variety of reasons. In server cases it can cause bleeding and possible infection.

If you have cracked feet we recommend you use Syrinx Za Therapy Balm to moisturise the heels and allow a gentle healing of the skin to occur.

Client Testimonial:

“Within 10 days the skin on my heels had softened.
I received the natural foot cream for split heels and after a few days use started to notice the difference. Within 10 days the skin on my heels had softened and the painful cracks had ‘heeled’ – if you pardon the pun!”
Jimmy Campbell

Use Syrinx Za Hydrating Therapy Balm as a foot cream for cracked heels.

Causes of Cracked Heels

Cracked SkinCracked Heels are a common problem of hard-working feet, especially when the weather gets cooler.

The causes of cracked heels we will discuss further but basically cracked heels or feet arise when the skin on the feet lacks moisture becomes dry and splits open. This creates painful cracks called fissures which are very painful.

What are the causes of cracked heels?

Cracked Heels are caused because although the skin on the feet is harder and tougher than any other skin on our body it is very sensitive. Ladies who wear open backed high heels that do a lot of walking often have the problem of dehydrated skin on the feet and are in danger of cracked heels and feet if their feet are not looked after.

Extreme pressure or long periods of standing can be enough to cause cracked heels especially if the skin is already very dry or dehydrated as the skin cannot stretch comfortably and the skin will then crack.

Cracked Heel Symptoms

You may begin to see red of flaky patches of skin to begin with, which your warning sign that your feet are not getting enough attention. You do not look after your feet at this stage the skin will soon start to peel and crack. Now you really have to start a skincare routine on your feet, do not be tempted to pick and peel the skin as this will damage it further and can cause infection. If you have any bleeding or discharge from the cracks this is when it really starts to get painful and you might be finding it difficult to walk. These cracks have now gone to the lower layers of skin and are at high risk of infection.

Cracked skin does not only appear on the feet, it can appear anywhere on the body that is under constant pressure and has lack of attention from our skin care routine. This is why the feet are often overlooked.

Best treatment for cracked heels

If you notice that your skin is becoming dry the most important thing is to keep them moisturised. Syrinx Za’s Derma Protector is a 100% natural hydration and protection for the skin. It will moisturise and restore severely cracked skin.

The Deep Cleanser Therapy bar will have you asking why you were even asking about Causes of Cracked Heels in the first place. As its antiseptic, moisturising and purifying ingredients get to work on softening and soothing your skin.

Derma Protector 180ML + Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar

Team the Derma Protector with the Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar and you have the best treatment for cracked heels. This team now have a reduced combo price response to customer requests.

See here for a detailed Cracked Heel Treatment Regime


Falls Awareness

falls awarenessFalls awareness week this year starts today on June the 17th and runs through until the 21st of June 2013. Age UK stress the importance for this awareness week because over 350,000 older people are taken to hospital due to a fall. Falls often have devastating after effects so its good to know a few simple steps to prevent them.

What is Falls Awareness Week

Fall awareness week offers the opportunity for people such as carers and older people to get involved through local events, classes and services to find out about falls and how to prevent them.

Each year there is a different theme aimed at creating awareness to prevent falls that occur with older people. This year the theme called Best Foot Forward and is focused on healthy feet.

Cracked feet aren’t healthy feet

It isn’t just older people that suffer with cracked feet and heels but it is very common occurrence with the elderly. Our skin becomes less elastic as we get older thereby causing hard dry skin on the feet to crack and sometimes bleed or even to get infected.

Our feet are often not as cared for as they should be, as they are usually hidden away in socks or tights and shoes, but this is why it is even more important that we take care of our feet. The unpleasant but at the moment harmless hard skin on your heels can soon turn into painful fissures (hard cracked skin) if not looked after and often just a little care is all that your feet need.

How to prevent falls

Of course it’s very important to have healthy feet as if your feet are causing any pain or discomfort this can make your balance unsteady.

  • Moisturise your feet everyday
  • Get plenty of Vitamin D and Calcium to keep your bones strong
  • Make sure there is nothing left lying on the floor you can trip over
  • Hearing checks are important as hearing affects your balance
  • Keep active – most important to keep your legs strong
  • Pamper them occasionally with a footbath or pedicure
  • Go barefoot for an hour at the end of the day to give them an airing
  • Avoid tight fitting shoes at all times

If you do have Cracked Feet and or Heels already then take these steps to heal them before you are the one falling over – Cracked Feet and Heels Natural treatment

See how you can find out more about Falls Awareness by downloading an Age Uk – Action Pack




Cracked Feet | Q & A | Cracked Foot Care

Natural Moisturising Treatment for Cracked Feet and HeelsWhat are cracked feet?
You may find your feet dry and crack, especially in the summer months when you wear sandals or walk around barefoot. The danger is that cracked feet may bleed and become infected.

What are the common symptoms of cracked feet?
You’ll notice a build-up of hard, dry skin, mainly on the heels, but possibly also on the balls of your feet, outsides of your big toes, and anywhere that shoes and boots may rub.

Who gets cracked feet?

Anyone can get dry cracked feet, but it’s more common as you get older, as aging skin contains less moisture and oil.

Can cracked feet be cured or treated?

There are a number of over-the-counter chemical treatments for cracked feet, such as those containing synthetic ‘uric acid’. Many of these leave your feet dangerously greasy.

Many people scrape their dry cracked feet with a pumice stone – a scratchy bit of volcanic rock – or a raspy ‘cheese-grater’ foot file, but these can leave the skin feeling rough and looking no better.

What is the best cure for cracked feet?

To help with cracked feet, you should moisturise them every day, avoid footwear with open or high heels, treat yourself to an occasional pedicure, and drink at least 8 pints of water daily.

The best moisturiser for cracked feet is 100% natural and highly absorbent, with no steroids, parabens or chemicals. Our Hydrating Therapy Balm uniquely contains Zander, an ancient lake sediment with the ability to penetrate and nourish the skin. Rather than dead skin peeling off to reveal new skin underneath, it plumps up and softens the ‘dead’ skin, bringing it back to life.

What results can be achieved for cracked feet?

9/10 of our testers experienced a visible improvement in just two weeks.

Stella says:
“I started using your balm in July and since then the problem has disappeared! I can now take long walks on a regular basis in any kind of footwear.”

Jacky says:
“Within a couple of weeks the hard skin is disappearing and my feet are looking baby-new again.”

Rachel says:
“It has completely softened my feet and new skin seems to have grown. Nothing I have ever used has done this.”

Read more about our Cracked Foot Cream here and if you have cracked foot please tell us how you cope with it in the comments below. If you leave an email address with your comment we’ll email you a 20% discount code for your trouble.


Ladies: Here is the secret to super soft feet and heels

Natural Moisturising Treatment for Cracked Feet and HeelsDear Syrinx Za,
I have terribly cracked heels and I’m embarrassed to show them in sandals. I’d love to have super soft feet and heels. How do I get soft feet?

Dear Cracked Feet (and other sufferers),

It’s still summer here in the UK (just about) and we’re still wearing sandals (when it’s not raining)! Mind you, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you want to have super soft feet all year round, not unsightly hard and cracked heels that can worsen to cause bleeding and infection.

If you’re asking yourself “How do I get soft feet?”, here’s the secret!

How to get soft feet in three easy steps

  1. Every night, use our Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar to make a thick lather, rub it in and leave it to dry for at least 30 minutes (ideally overnight)
  2. Massage your feet with our intensive Hydrating Therapy Balm every night and morning (and throughout the day, as frequently as you wish). It smoothes and hydrates hard skin to heal cracks and make your feet pretty again.
  3. Add an optional touch of Ultra-Sensitive Therapy Cream alongside the balm for best results

Follow this simple ‘how to get soft feet’ programme and you’ll notice a difference in a few days. When tested, 9/10 of our volunteers experienced a visible improvement in just two weeks.

We hope that answers the question of “How do I get soft feet!

What’s in it?
Our ‘how to get soft feet’ treatment régime is 100% natural. For example, as well as Zander, our Hydrating Therapy Balm contains Shea Butter, Kalahari Melon Seed Oil and Tea Tree Oil – a combination that has hydrating and anti-septic properties to repair damaged skin cells.

Note there are no harsh chemicals, alcohol, steroids, parabens or petroleum in any of our products. None!

What our customers say

“For most of my life, I have suffered with severe cracked heels.
I have been using the therapy balm for the past few months and my heels are AMAZING! It has completely softened my feet and new skin seems to have grown. Nothing I have ever used has done this.” Rachel Carter

Poor feet. You squeeze them into unsuitable footwear and then walk about on them all day! Isn’t time to treat them to some safe and healthy pampering?

P.S. It’s not just for ladies – our Hydrating Therapy Balm works just as well for men’s feet too!

Put your best foot forward and find out more about the secret to super soft feet and heels


How to Heal Cracked Heels

How to Heal Cracked HeelsThere’s no need to suffer with cracked heels, you can take action today.
Buy the all Natural Hydrating Therapy Balm: 50ml – RRP £16.80

How to heal cracked heels
Cracked heels are a common skin problem which can be caused by a variety of factors, but what ever the reason you don’t have to suffer in silence, hydrate the skin and lock moisture in every day using the Hydrating Therapy Balm. Prolonged use will help repair the skin delivering soft and supple heels.

Cracked heels are dry and uncomfortable

Cracked heels are dry and uncomfortable, affecting everything from our choice of footwear to the distance we walk. We’re conscious of the way our feet look, which influences the type of shoes we wear, and we’re likely to suffer pain if we walk for long periods of time.

Finding a product that really works for cracked heels is important because it can have a positive effect on the way we feel, while helping to avoid any associated pain.

Soothing Hydrating Therapy Balm

No matter what the cause of cracked heels, treating them with a therapy balm will ensure that they are nourished and moisturised for the best chance of repair.

Syrinx Za offer the hydrating therapy balm for cracked heels. The main ingredients tea tree oil and Zander work in unison to hydrate and lock moisture into the skin. Rub Hydrating Therapy Balm liberally into the affected area as liberally as you like to enjoy the cooling and soothing sensation. As a bonus the Hydarating Therapy Balm is 100% natural and completely kind skin.

Get thee behind me cracked heels..

The hydrating therapy balm is a soothing restoring cream, which unlike many other skin creams, won’t aggravate the skin. It’s a soothing emollient that will not only rehydrate your skin, but revitalise it too, leaving you with softer feet and heels.