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Acne Treatment

Soap for Teenage AcneAcne is one of those conditions that teenagers fret about because it impacts their self-esteem and interferes rudely with their prime teenage years.

Unfortunately there is no magic cure for Acne, so science cannot eliminate it, but we have an Acne Treatment which will help reduce the visible symptoms by reducing the swelling and redness associated with Acne and we achieve this with a product which contains only pure natural ingredients so as not to aggravate the condition further.

Our Acne Treatment involves nothing more than regular face-washing with our natural “Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar” essentially the Therapy Bar looks like and acts like a bar of soap, the difference is that it deeply cleanses the skin and helps to normalise Acne affected skin.

Four Step Acne Treatment

Step 1. Dampen the skin on the face with luke-warm water.

Step 2. Immerse your hands and the soap into luke-warm water. Work the soap in the hands until it Produces a rich creamy lather.

Step 3. Firmly wash the face, working the lather into the skin, work the soap for around 30 second and then rinse all of the lather from the face.

Step 4. Repeat the above – this time leave the lather on the face, use a towel to pad the face to avoid the lather dripping over the bathroom floor.

Essentially in step 4 we want the lather to stay on the skin, the soap contains Sapropel and this ingredient improves the skins own immune system and will continue to work against the Acne. I know it seems “alien” to leave soap on the skin, but please remember that whilst the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar looks like a bar of soap – it’s not actually soap, it’s a natural skin therapy bar.

Although completely harmless try not to get the lather in the eyes as it will sting mildly.

You think you’ve Got Acne Bad !!

Imagine having teenage Acne and Shaving Rash… Ouch.. Here is what one young customer said

“I started using Syrinx Za soap about 6 months ago when I was 17. I have been shaving for a couple of years now and the combination of shaving rash and teenage skin is never a good one. My mum asked me to give this new soap a go and the results are brilliant. Now when I shave, no shaving rash!”
M Hill: Edenbridge

If you would like to try our Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar as an Acne Treatment or read more about the Bar, visit the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar Page here.


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