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Summer Acne

acne and stressIt is irony at its best – Summer Acne. As soon as you desperately want to bare your skin, pimples and acne appear as if out of nowhere at all.

Yes, generally speaking the sun usually does actually help heal acne but for some sufferers the condition worsens, this could be because you suffer from sun sensitivity. This means that your acne may be an abnormal reaction to sunlight thanks to the sensitivity levels of your skin.

Possible reasons for Summer Acne

Suffering with acne in the summer can be managed but is not too common, so it is worth considering some of the possible reasons for your condition.

Sun Allergies
You may well be misinterpreting your acne for an allergic reaction to the sun. Sun allergies can mean that sufferers have symptoms such as tiny red bumps on the skin that are very easy to mistake for acne. Consult your local GP to find out if this is a possibility for your skin.

Harsh Treatment
If you are on acne medication, there’s a chance this could be what is causing your acne to worsen under the sunlight. Tretinoin, found in many acne medications, is able to increase a sensitivity to the sun, as well as tazartoene, adapalene and azelic acid. Antibiotics to treat acne are also thought to increase sun sensitivity.

Consult your GP to discuss any potential links between your medication and sun sensitivity, but you may want to try alternative products. Opt for an all-natural treatment such as the Syrinx Za Therapy Bar to effectively treat your acne without any risk of adverse side effects or skin sensitivity.

Your Skincare Regime

Preventing clogged pores is a great way to keep acne at bay, so ensure you are regularly exfoliating and keeping oily skin under control by using the right products.

The Syrinx Za Therapy Bar is a great choice for acne treatment as it can exfoliate the skin while detoxifying the skin of any impurities that may be causing your Summer Acne, as well as being extremely effective in reducing symptoms of oily skin. It contains only natural ingredients as well so you can feel safe in the knowledge your skin is under no risk of adverse side effects.


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