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Tried and Tested Skin Treatments for Acne

Best Soap to Use for Treating AcneAcne is an extremely common skin complaint that can affect anyone of any age; although is it more commonly known to be prevalent in teenagers due to those raging hormones, as if teenagers didn’t  have enough to deal with!

When you have acne you can develop blackheads and/or whiteheads on the face, back and chest, when acne is severe these spots can become inflamed and pus filled so it’s very important to follow a few easy rules and to use tried and tested skin treatments for acne.

Acne and depression

It’s understandable that acne can cause great stress for some sufferers, with feelings of self-consciousness, shame and embarrassment. These feelings can become overwhelming for severe acne sufferers who cannot see an end to it and can lead to loneliness and isolation. The good news is with a good skin treatment routine and some general care, improvement in the skin will soon be noticed.

Make up and Acne

We are often asked if make-up is bad for acne. The simple answer is that make up can contribute to acne but it certainly doesn’t cause acne. There are many misconceptions about acne; such as you get acne through not washing or eating greasy foods, whilst these things won’t help clear up your acne, they do not cause acne.
However if you have a good skincare routine, carefully concealing your acne with makeup might make you feel better. Although sure to check the ingredients on the products, water based, oil free or non comedogenic products are said to be the best as they are less likely to clog your pores even more.

So, what does cause acne?

Acne develops when hair follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. As we know already hormones in teenagers are increased as is the sebum production of the sebaceous glands which are sensitive to these hormones. Older women are also affected by changes in hormone levels this could be before their period is due or during pregnancy. Other factors are bacteria and the fact that you could just be unlucky that acne runs in your family.

Tried and Tested Skin Treatments for Acne

One customer happily told us…

I have found myself with fewer spots and my skin is much softer and clearer. I’ve even gave some soap to my mother who has asked for more.
Very much happier with my skin and I can confidently recommend the Deep Cleansing Soap.

Skin Treatments for Acne

First there are a few simple things to avoid.

  • Picking your spots can lead to infection and scaring and will really make things worse.
  • Scrubbing harshly – this will just increase the inflammation and damage the skin further
  • Avoid touching your face – this can spread bacteria.
  • Never sleep wearing make-up – using the following skincare routine you do not need to use harsh makeup removers and it will ensure that you do not sleep in your make up.
Acne skincare routine

The Deep Cleanser Therapy bar is a natural cold processed soap which has antiseptic, moisturising and purifying qualities, use this “soap” twice a day to achieve the best results.

Washing with the Deep Cleanser, creating a rich lather to gently rub into the skin – rinse and pat dry.
Wash again using the Deep Cleanser rinse and then repeat but this time leave on the lather allowing the ingredients to work overnight on the acne as you sleep.

I bet that was easier than you thought, there aren’t many more natural and simpler Skin Treatments for Acne – What do you have to lose? – Try it and see how soon your skin becomes clearer.


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