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Picking at Acne

Best Soap to Use for Treating AcneWhen you start to get symptoms of acne, the likelihood is that you’re not going to think they look particularly appealing. Acne has the unfortunate habit of making otherwise clear, healthy skin look damaged and red.

Many of us cannot resist picking at acne in an attempt to make it disappear, you think to yourself I will just squeeze and pick at this one, but then you can’t stop, its almost addictive, you cannot help it! Knowing the risks you are putting your skin at may suppress the urge to pick a little…

What happens when you pick your acne?

Acne occurs when bacteria, dead skin cells or bacteria builds up within the skin. When a lesion does not contain bacteria (non-inflammatory) they are known as whiteheads or blackheads. Bacteria-filled lesions (inflammatory) include pimples, pustules and nodules.

When acne lesions are picked or popped, the material is released and can cause even non-inflammatory lesions to become inflammatory. So, you are certainly at a strong risk of making your acne much worse than it was to start off with.

Picking at acne can cause swelling, increased redness, a prolonged healing time and, very often, pain. Even once it has finally healed, you could be left with a nasty brown or red scar that can last for several months or, in more extreme cases, a lifetime.

When it becomes a habit…

It is thought that around 5% of people do pick at their acne to the point of injury. So, in other words, they pick at their skin until it bleeds or rips off.

If you find you are picking your acne more out of regular habit than an occasional mistake, you may want to consider the possibility that you have a condition known as dematillomania. This is characterised as an obsessive need to continuously pick at the skin to the point of damage. You might want to visit your local GP or psychologist if you suspect this may be the case.

Treating acne

Of course, you can try to get yourself to stop picking at acne, but the best solution all round is to simply treat the acne so there is nothing to pick at in the first place!

There are 3 things you need to focus on when treating acne: detoxifying, moisturising and soothing.

Syrinx Za has formulated their Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar to achieve these key results as effectively and naturally as possible.

Wash with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar twice a day and leave the rich lather to soak into the skin as opposed to washing it off as you would a normal soap. The bar is completely natural and free from steroids and additives. It contains antiseptic qualities that have shown to relieve skin conditions thanks to its key natural ingredient Sapropel.

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