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Does Exercise cause Acne?

Best Soap to Use for Treating AcneAcne lesions are caused by an excessive production of sebum (a natural oil within the skin) and an unpleasant blend of dead skin cells. When these two factors come together, they can block your skin’s pores and cause acne symptoms.

For many of us, the genes has been inherited, however, environmental or lifestyle factors can also be a cause. Are you an acne sufferer that is also a keen gym-goer or footballer? Well, the connection between your acne and exercise may be stronger than you first thought which poses the question…Does Exercise cause Acne?.

How Does Exercise Cause Acne?

Sweating for any reason, including exercise, can cause a form of acne called Pityrosporum Folliculitis.

This occurs when a normal skin yeast found on everybody’s skin grows too rapidly in the pores thanks to the presence of sweat. This is most common in skin where the pores do no fight off the yeast, allowing it to get out of control and for acne pimples to show up.

Many researchers believe that exercise causes acne more due to the friction factor. Many sports-players wear headgear during play and very often find themselves suffering from acne on their forehead, or runners that use backpacks as they run may find acne symptoms on their skin where the straps lay, suggesting a potential link between tight clothing, sweat, and acne.

Treatment and Prevention

So now we know the answer to Does Exercise Cause Acne? it’s time to understand how to avoid the problem.

You could make sure to avoid tight fitting clothing whilst exercising and keep your hair tied back from your face to avoid sweaty hair suffocating your skin.

Avoid wearing makeup that could block your pores further and cause even more sweating, and definitely avoid scrubbing the skin too hard with any type of harsh soap as this could worsen acne outbreaks.

With this in mind, Syrinx Za has formulated their best selling Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar to achieve these key results as effectively and naturally as possible.

Wash with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar twice a day and leave the rich lather to soak into the skin as opposed to washing it off as you would a normal soap. The bar is completely natural and free from steroids and additives. It contains antiseptic qualities that have shown to relieve skin conditions thanks to its key natural ingredient Sapropel.


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