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Acne and Stress

acne and stressIf you’ve ever noticed that a particularly stressful event such as an exam seems to make your acne worse, chances are it’s not just your imagination. Acne has been proven to be an unfortunate symptom of stress.

If you are an acne sufferer then strained emotions can cause a very unwelcome outbreak of the condition. Tiredness, anxiety and other emotional stress does not actually cause acne but it does worsen the condition for those that already suffer from it.

The proof is in the research!

It’s really no new revelation. Doctors have long suspected that stress worsens acne and these suspicions were confirmed after numerous studies seemed to confirm a connection between the two.

For example, Stanford University published a study that found that students were significantly more likely to experience acne during a stressful exam-taking period than any other time, concluding that acne severity correlated highly with stress.

Researchers from Wake Forest University School of Medicine also found the exact same results in a similar study, concluding that acne was worsened in high-stress periods than low-stress periods.

The connection between Acne and Stress

While we know there is some sort of causal link between Acne and Stress, what we don’t know for sure is why. There are, however, certain theories that may help explain it.

It is certain sebum-producing cells in our bodies that can be held responsible for acne. This is because sebum is an oily substance that merges with bacteria and dead skin cells to clog hair follicles and pores, leading to outbreaks of the condition. And how does this link to stress? Well, it is these very same cells that also have receptors for stress hormones. So, when we’re stressed the cells produce more of the dreaded sebum which, of course, in turn causes acne.

Acne and Stress can actually be a bit of a vicious cycle. An individual may get stressed due to their acne which then worsens the symptoms, causing more stress then more acne, more stress then more acne, and so on…

Alternatively, if someone is anxious or upset they may be more likely to pick at and scratch their pimples, exacerbating the affected areas.

How can you treat your Acne?

There are three things you need to focus on when treating acne: detoxifying, moisturising and soothing. Syrinx Za has formulated the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar to achieve these key results as effectively and naturally as possible.

Wash with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar twice a day and leave the rich lather to soak into the skin as opposed to washing it off as you would a normal soap. The bar is completely natural and free from steroids and additives. It contains antiseptic qualities that have shown to relieve skin conditions thanks to its key natural ingredient Sapropel.

Don’t let Acne and Stress affect your life try this treatment and stop the cycle.


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