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Acne and Dairy

acne and dairyDairy is a relatively difficult food group to avoid. Think milk, cheese, ice cream… they’re just about everywhere.

The link between Acne and Dairy is thought to be so strong that removing dairy from your diet could actually be just about the best thing you can do for your condition even though all our lives we were told how great milk is for us, not the case when it comes to acne.

Why is Dairy bad for Acne?

Milk and other dairy products contain a hormone called IGF-1 which, when consumed by humans, can really inflame the skin and cause acne to significantly worsen. Dairy products also cause an insulin spike in humans that can cause the liver to produce IGF-1 and add to the problem.

Acne and Dairy are also a bad mix thanks to dairy’s ability to make the body produce an increased amount of sebum (natural oil). An increase of sebum in the body can lead to clogged pores and bacteria problems leading to skin issues such as, you guessed it, acne!

Dairy also has a tendency to glue together dead skin cells within the pores, blocking them from exiting naturally and causing an almighty clog, giving another reason for acne to make an unwelcome appearance.

Give up milk and other dairy products

It may not be the easiest solution but it certainly is the most simple and effective. Cut out the food group altogether. Acne and Dairy is a risky relationship and unfortunately not worth the taste of pizza and cream cheese.

Gradually cut out milk and dairy over a few weeks and see if it makes a difference to your skin. Going cold turkey on dairy isn’t necessarily the easiest task but your skin will be thanking you in no time!

How to continue treating Acne to keep your skin clear

The common misconception about natural oils is that they are actually a cause of acne but this is entirely false – as bizarre as it may sound, using the correct oils can gently tackle and reduce acne very effectively. Syrinx Za’s Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar contains a mixture of oils including olive, castor and coconut, as well as turmeric and beeswax. This combination produces a rich, aromatic lather that locks in moisture and has healing antiseptic qualities.

Follow our Four Step Acne Treatment that just includes using the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, and notice the difference.  After following this advice you will hopefully not have to use the words Acne and Dairy in the same sentence again!



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