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Archives for 2013

Tried and Tested Dry Skin Care

Our skin is amazing, look at all the trials we put it through, sometimes it finds it hard to cope and dry-skin patches appear. Most of us have had dry skin problems in the past where your skin is flaky or scaly and feels uncomfortably tight and rough. For some people this dry skin disappears as quickly as it appeared but other people have a more lasting problem, when just nothing seems return the moisture to their skin. If your skin is crying out to be rehydrated its time to look at a … [Read more...]

Diet and Eczema

It’s no secret that eczema sufferers generally have a genetic predisposition to the condition. It’s pretty unavoidable and very irritating. However, there are other factors that can contribute towards the severity of the condition, and what you eat is one of them. No research has definitively proved a connection between Diet and Eczema but many sufferers swear that there is a connection. Do I have a Food Allergy? While eczema is not an allergy in itself, if you suffer with a food allergy … [Read more...]

Acne and Dairy

Dairy is a relatively difficult food group to avoid. Think milk, cheese, ice cream… they’re just about everywhere. The link between Acne and Dairy is thought to be so strong that removing dairy from your diet could actually be just about the best thing you can do for your condition even though all our lives we were told how great milk is for us, not the case when it comes to acne. Why is Dairy bad for Acne? Milk and other dairy products contain a hormone called IGF-1 which, when consumed by … [Read more...]

Reasons for a Sore Scalp

There are a variety of possible Reasons for a Sore Scalp, ranging in seriousness. A sore scalp can really affect a person’s quality of life. Day to day life becomes quite uncomfortable and difficult. Simple things such as sleeping, washing, brushing your hair and even can be very challenging for a sufferer of scalp soreness. So what are the reasons for your sore scalp? Could there be an underlying cause? And how do you go about treating it? Why do I have a sore scalp? Yes, there is a chance … [Read more...]

Dry Hair with Split Ends

Split ends can ruin any otherwise good hair day. They occur when the hair is in need of moisture and are a very common side effect of dry hair. Dry Hair with Split Ends is certainly not how anybody would want to describe their hair, but unfortunately it is very common, particularly in this day and age. Fortunately there are ways to protect your hair and prevent split ends becoming too much of a problem. What are Split Ends? Dry hair lacks the soft texture and shine of healthy, moisturised … [Read more...]

Daily Skincare Regime

In order to maintain healthy, happy skin it is absolutely crucial you maintain a Daily Skincare Regime. Looking after your skin on a daily basis should go above and beyond simply using normal soap and water. You and your skin both deserve much more TLC than that! No matter what condition your skin is in it should be treated with great care and should be both moisturised and cleansed on a daily basis, morning and night. Key points If you are unsure how to create a basic Daily Skincare … [Read more...]

Dog Allergy Symptoms

Man’s ultimate best friend – the dog. Families all around the world fully consider their canine pet as a treasured member of the family, often treating them with as much affection as they would their own children. The popularity of dogs means avoiding them isn’t always the easiest thing. In fact, as many as 40% of USA households own a dog. So what do you do when you fear you’re suffering with Dog Allergy Symptoms? How do I know if I’m allergic to dogs? The symptoms of a dog allergy can … [Read more...]

Tips for Managing Oily Skin

Oily skin has a nasty habit of ruining an otherwise good day. If you are an oily skin sufferer yourself then you will understand just how irritating a constant shine to your skin can become and we know you will appreciate our tips for managing oily skin. Skin needs a certain level of oil in order to be healthy but oily skin occurs when the sebum glands overproduce this oil. There a number of factors that are thought to cause oily skin symptoms including hormones, genes, diet and even … [Read more...]

Shaving Rash on the Legs

It is unfortunately something that woman all around the world endure from time to time – a Shaving Rash on the Legs. A shaving rash is caused by an improper shaving technique. This could be anything from holding the razor at an awkward angle, not allowing the skin enough moisture before shaving or simply using harsh soaps. All these factors could irritate the skin leaving a very unsightly, uncomfortable and even sometimes painful rash. It usually appears as red bumps that are raised and could … [Read more...]

Emollients for Eczema

Emollients are protective moisturisers used to prevent the skin from becoming dried out, retain moisture and protect it against skin conditions such as eczema. Using natural Emollients for Eczema is highly recommended as they are incredibly effective in reducing the symptoms, such as itching, whilst softening and moisturing the skin. When to use an Emollient If you feel your skin is dry or you have a skin condition or many you suffer with such as eczema, then you may find use from using an … [Read more...]