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Archives for June 2013

Summer Itch

People that suffer from sensitive skin conditions such as eczema often dread summer, they know when they get hot they get even more itchy, they get the “summer itch”. There can be many reasons you get itchy skin in the summer: various skin conditions, rashes, heat bumps, athletes’ foot and especially eczema can all worsen during this season. These itches are mostly due to the heat and humidity causing us to sweat. Why do I sweat? Sweating is perfectly normal, and fine - it’s our body’s … [Read more...]

Cleansing Babies’ Skin

There are very few things that are more delicate than a baby’s skin. When Cleansing Babies’ Skin, parents must be extremely cautious and take extra special care so their skin can be as healthy and happy as possible. Due to the sensitive nature of their skin, babies can be vulnerable to skin conditions such as eczema so it is crucial that parents know how to correctly care for their baby’s skin to help build a barrier. Factors to consider There are certain factors to consider and certain … [Read more...]

Falls Awareness

Falls awareness week this year starts today on June the 17th and runs through until the 21st of June 2013. Age UK stress the importance for this awareness week because over 350,000 older people are taken to hospital due to a fall. Falls often have devastating after effects so its good to know a few simple steps to prevent them. What is Falls Awareness Week Fall awareness week offers the opportunity for people such as carers and older people to get involved through local events, classes and … [Read more...]

Tried and Tested Dry Skin Care

Our skin is amazing, look at all the trials we put it through, sometimes it finds it hard to cope and dry-skin patches appear. Most of us have had dry skin problems in the past where your skin is flaky or scaly and feels uncomfortably tight and rough. For some people this dry skin disappears as quickly as it appeared but other people have a more lasting problem, when just nothing seems return the moisture to their skin. If your skin is crying out to be rehydrated its time to look at a … [Read more...]

Diet and Eczema

It’s no secret that eczema sufferers generally have a genetic predisposition to the condition. It’s pretty unavoidable and very irritating. However, there are other factors that can contribute towards the severity of the condition, and what you eat is one of them. No research has definitively proved a connection between Diet and Eczema but many sufferers swear that there is a connection. Do I have a Food Allergy? While eczema is not an allergy in itself, if you suffer with a food allergy … [Read more...]

Acne and Dairy

Dairy is a relatively difficult food group to avoid. Think milk, cheese, ice cream… they’re just about everywhere. The link between Acne and Dairy is thought to be so strong that removing dairy from your diet could actually be just about the best thing you can do for your condition even though all our lives we were told how great milk is for us, not the case when it comes to acne. Why is Dairy bad for Acne? Milk and other dairy products contain a hormone called IGF-1 which, when consumed by … [Read more...]

Reasons for a Sore Scalp

There are a variety of possible Reasons for a Sore Scalp, ranging in seriousness. A sore scalp can really affect a person’s quality of life. Day to day life becomes quite uncomfortable and difficult. Simple things such as sleeping, washing, brushing your hair and even can be very challenging for a sufferer of scalp soreness. So what are the reasons for your sore scalp? Could there be an underlying cause? And how do you go about treating it? Why do I have a sore scalp? Yes, there is a chance … [Read more...]