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Archives for May 2013

Itching From Allergies

Itching is perhaps the most commonly found symptom of an allergy. Sufferers of an allergy may find their skin becoming itchy after coming into contact with their allergen – whether this be a certain food, dust mites, pollen, central heating or even jewellery. Itching usually occurs on the outer skin such as on the arms or legs, but can also occur internally such as in the mouth or ears. So, yes, we know that Itching From Allergies is a common occurrence, but why does it happen? Why do … [Read more...]

Dry Hair in Pregnancy

Unfortunately, not all changes to your body in pregnancy are particularly welcome. Excessive dry hair can be one of these changes, which can worsen due to unhealthy practices in your daily routine and a lack of the usual nutrients that keep your hair healthy. However, by understanding your hair’s needs during pregnancy you can avoid the problems associated with Dry Hair in Pregnancy. What causes Dry Hair in Pregnancy? The problem of dry hair during pregnancy usually comes through the second … [Read more...]

Tried and Tested Natural Wart Treatment

The common wart known as Verruca vulgaris is usually a small raised rough lump found on your hands or feet but can appear anywhere on your skin. Unlike other skin problems such as eczema which are not contagious, Warts are contagious: so much so that you can become infected just through touch. Why do I have warts? Warts are caused by a viral infection which is from one of the human papillomaviruses. This makes them easily transferred from person to person and as we said before even from … [Read more...]

Tried and Tested Natural Dermatitis Treatment

The word dermatitis comes from the Greek word Derma, which means skin inflammation. Although there are many types of dermatitis all with very different symptoms and causes they all have typical characteristics such as dry itchy skin, redness, swelling and lesions, all of which can benefit from our natural dermatitis treatment. Causes of Dermatitis With contact dermatitis the cause is usually but not always an allergy to certain household products, various substances or chemicals or dyes - … [Read more...]

Tried and Tested Treatment for Allergic Skin

Many people suffer with skin allergies and never know the cause. It can be that you are allergic to a type of food, pet, plants, harsh soaps or even something in the environment and because it is difficult to find the reason for these outbreaks it’s also difficult to find treatment for allergic skin. Allergic skin may be labeled as; hives, allergic eczema, atopic dermatitis or contact dermatitis, you will usually find that your skin may be itchy, red and inflamed. How Allergies Work It can … [Read more...]

Summer Acne

It is irony at its best - Summer Acne. As soon as you desperately want to bare your skin, pimples and acne appear as if out of nowhere at all. Yes, generally speaking the sun usually does actually help heal acne but for some sufferers the condition worsens, this could be because you suffer from sun sensitivity. This means that your acne may be an abnormal reaction to sunlight thanks to the sensitivity levels of your skin. Possible reasons for Summer Acne Suffering with acne in the summer … [Read more...]

What to use for Dry Hair

Dry hair is a very common problem that affects many of us. It can make otherwise wonderful hair have a dry, straw like texture to it that lacks shine and lustre. Dry dull, lifeless, rough hair that can be very (VERY) frizzy leads to the risk of hair breakage, split ends and eventual hair loss. Dry hair which can be caused by adequate sebaceous oils on the scalp can also lead to Dandruff, so deciding What to use for Dry Hair is very important! Why do I have Dry Hair Don’t beat yourself up … [Read more...]

Warts on the Face

Facial warts. Let’s be honest, no-one wants them. But unfortunately, many of us do and so it is crucial to find out exactly how to treat them. Warts on the Face are normally flat and pink but can range in size and colour. They form in clusters, are highly contagious, and spread very quickly. They are usually benign and pose no threat to a sufferer’s health, neither do they usually cause them much pain, but they are often a massive cause for embarrassment and can cause serious self-confidence … [Read more...]

Dry Skin in the Summer

Now, there is no denying that longer, warmer days are a very welcome change to the, let’s face it, horrendous cold weather we have had to suffer with this winter (and spring!), but with summer comes the unfortunate risk factor for skin. We’re afraid to admit the sun isn’t all fun and tans. It very often comes at quite a cost for our skin. Sunburn is the most well-known skin condition that appears thanks to the summer sun, but how much do you know about getting Dry Skin in the Summer? Why … [Read more...]