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Archives for March 2013

Tried and Tested Cracked Heel Remedy

cracked feedExcessively dry skin and pressure on our feet can cause cracked heels, also known as heel fissures and foot cracks. This split or cracked skin can be very painful and unattractive; the split skin can cause bleeding or even infection.

Dry, cracked feet can affect anyone; however eczema and psoriasis sufferers are more than likely to be affected. This condition is seemly worse in the summer when people tend to wear open shoes; but it can occur at any time.

What causes cracked feet and heels?

Cracked Heels or dry chapped feet can have many causes but the feet are basically lacking in moisture and can worsen if you wear sandals, flip flops or walk in bear feet on hard surfaces, even sand. Untreated cracked skin on the feet causes the skin to thicken and harden, which in turn makes it even more difficult to treat and standard moisturisers have little or no affect. Cracked feet need serious moisture fast.

Tried and tested cracked heel remedy

Our tried and tested products for dry cracked skin contain many ingredients. First they deeply cleanse and soothe the skin with antiseptic properties, remove impurities and then restore your skins natural moisture levels.

Each product has been through extensive clinical trials, and actually tested on human skin to ensure the suitability and effectiveness of the product.

How can cracked heels be treated?

Each night, using the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar; create a thick lather and apply it to the skin, rub in thoroughly for a few minutes. It’s preferable to let the lather dry for at least 30 minutes or overnight but not essential every time. The longer you leave the lather on the skin the better as it gives the sapropel (Sapropel) more time to work its magic. Throughout the day or as a minimum morning and night – apply the Hydrating Therapy Balm to the affected areas of the feet, rubbing in gently.

24 Hour Hydration for cracked feet

This 100% natural treatment will provide a full 24 hour hydration for your cracked feet and heels which will smooth and soften the skin. You will notice a difference within two weeks of using our tried and tested cracked feet regime.

One happy customer noticed a difference in just a few days

Within 10 days the skin on my heels had softened I received natural cream for split heels and after a few days use started to notice the difference. Within 10 days the skin on my heels had softened and the painful cracks had ‘heeled’ – if you pardon the pun!

This customer got the result he wanted – soft skin with no cracks within 10 days.

Get your cracked heel remedy to ensure your feet ready for summer.

Tried and Tested Remedy for Eczema

There are many different variations of eczema such as atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis, atopic eczema, infantile eczema and the list goes on.

The term eczema is derived from the Greek meaning “to boil over” which is very descriptive to all, as eczema is a chronic non-contagious inflammation of the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin. Affected skin sometimes does feel like it’s on fire “boiling over” where the skin can swell and become dry, flaky, and extremely itchy. Sometimes the skin can even blister, ooze, crust and bleed.

The team at Syrinx ZA know how painful and uncomfortable this skin condition can be and we understand that eczema patients must be extremely careful choosing what to put on their skin. This is the reason we carry out extensive clinical trials; all of our products are tried and tested by sufferers themselves.

What causes eczema?

Finding the cause of eczema can be extremely difficult if not, impossible – every person is different, every condition varies and the skin can flare up for no reason or can be the result of a number of factors. It can be genetic, to do with the immune system, due to an allergy, food related, and even environmental.

Eczema skin lacks the ability to stay moisturised so items that contain chemicals: i.e. soaps and detergents can irritate the skin even further, causing flare ups. So, the main objective is to steer clear of chemicals, fragrances and detergents and get that skin moisturised.

Can eczema be cured?

As yet there is no cure for eczema but it can be effectively managed and treated with our tried and tested natural remedy which controls the symptoms, by keeping the moisture in the skin, soothing the skin, stopping the itching and reducing the inflammation thereby ceasing the itch – scratch cycle.

Tried and Tested Eczema Treatment Regime

This is a 100% Natural treatment, which contains no steroids, parabens, irritants, chemicals, or petroleum.
During our on-going clinical trials over 80% of eczema sufferers have expressed that their skin has improved and now feels soft, soothed and moisturised.

Quick and easy – 2 step treatment for eczema

1. Using soft water or water that has been previously boiled in a kettle, bathe your skin with the Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar, to remove toxins and chemicals from the skin. The longer you leave the lather on the skin the better as it gives the sapropel (Sapropel) more time to work its magic.

2. Then whilst you are still damp gently work into the skin the Natural Emollient for Eczema, this will help the skin retain moisture.

Ideally we recommend you use the therapy bar last thing before bed – simply work up a thick lather and apply to the skin. This time leave the lather to dry naturally – even overnight if you can, but at least for 30mins before washing off as the longer the sapropel can stay on the skin the better.

Follow this remedy for eczema twice a day and within just two weeks you should start to notice smoother, less inflamed, less itchy skin.