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Archives for January 2013

The #SyrinxZA Story Part 2

Looking down the list of ingredients for the Therapy Bar you soon spot ‘Zander (Phragmites communis: natural extract)’. This exotic sounding item has a wonderful, romantic history that starts with the Ice Age in Eastern Europe some 15,000 years ago. If you can imagine the heaving bergs and glaciers of the present day Antarctic being transposed to Scandinavia and Northern Europe, then you have a picture of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) as they must have appeared during the … [Read more...]

Hand Made Soap – The #SyrinxZA Story

The Syrinx ZA Story starts over 15,000 years ago during the last Ice Age when Mother Nature began the process or creating the conditions which eventually led to the current day harvesting of the natural ingredients we use to manufacture our natural skincare products. We’ve named our primary ingredient Zander. More about Zander later but for now let’s talk about saponification and the manufacturing process which helps to make Syrinx Za products so unique and beneficial. To saponify or not … [Read more...]

Psoriasis and Diet

Psoriasis is not an easy condition to live with so sufferers are usually very keen to find whatever they can to alleviate their symptoms. But what if this could be achieved by something as simple as what you eat? There are very few studies that show a medical link between Psoriasis and Diet but there have been vast amounts of claims from sufferers that there is. So where are these claims coming from? I recently tried your soap and was amazed at the improvement it made to my psoriasis. … [Read more...]

What is the best treatment for eczema?

Eczema can be an incredibly difficult skin condition to live with, regardless of what age you are at. This is why it is particularly important eczema sufferers find effective yet safe treatment to alleviate the symptoms as productively as possible, despite there being no direct cure for the condition. Effective eczema treatment should heal the affected area, hydrate the skin and prevent flare ups. It should be a long term solution to the condition and it is strongly recommended you choose … [Read more...]

Early Morning Dry SKin

Do you have dry skin when you wake up? I noticed a tweet from Emma Bunton this morning and was inspired to write this post. You can follow Emma Bunton on Twitter @EmmaBunton To listen to Emma's #HeartLondon radio show find the link here: @HeartLondon Time Consuming Facial vs. Daily Skin Care Some would say that a facial in the beauty salon is therapeutic as well as being beneficial for dry skin. OK, so I’m a bloke and I have to admit, although I am sure you won’t be surprised to hear … [Read more...]