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Are you Seeking an Alternative Treatment for Psoriasis?

Until science finds a cure for psoriasis we can offer an alternative treatment. As you may know, the most famous fictional character with severe psoriasis is The Singing Detective in the 1986 BCC drama series starring Michael Gambon that was most recently repeated in February 2012. The story was written by Dennis Potter, himself a psoriasis sufferer who had to write with a pen tied to his fist. In 2003, the drama was remade as a film starring Robert Downey Jr. Most people with psoriasis … [Read more...]

Natural Treatment for Human Skin Allergy to Dogs

Do you have a Skin Allergy to Dogs? I knew if I touched or petted a Dog I would suffer an allergic reaction later, so I would avoid touching dogs and other greasy skinned animals to the extent that I would avoid visiting family and friends who owned dogs and household pets. On those occasions where contact with dogs was unavoidable I would feel an urge to wash my hands and face and would do so at the earliest opportunity, but it never stopped the symptoms of my dog allergy coming on strong … [Read more...]

Safe Natural Treatment for Babies Dry Skin

Repeated conversation about a Babies Dry Skin “Hi, how’s your new baby?” “Gorgeous, thank you!” “Everything OK? All fingers and toes present and correct?” “Yes, except I’m worried about her dry skin.” “Don’t panic, dry skin is completely normal in new babies.” “But what can I do about it?” “Simply apply a gentle moisturiser after every bath.” Feedback form a frustrated mother OK, so we’ve imagined this conversation about dry baby skin, but we’re fairly sure it happens all the … [Read more...]

Skin Care Products for Sun Lovers & Beach Volleyball Players

Skin Care for a day at the beach in the blazing sun! OK, It’s August and I’m writing this post during yet another torrential downpour in one of the wettest years in UK history. But still, we flock to the beach when the sun comes out and of course we punish our skin during beach holidays abroad. Regardless of whether you are an Olympic Beach Volleyball athlete or just enjoying the sun on the beach – the same rules to sensible skin care apply. Wear heaps of sunscreen and effective body … [Read more...]

Sporting Skin Care Products for Sports Men and Women

Natural Skin Care Products for Sports Men and Women. Over the next two weeks we will run a series of articles about our most popular sports detailing which of our Natural Skin Care products are best suited to helping people in those sporting activities. Each sport related Skin Care product suggestion will be accompanied by a discount code to encourage readers to adopt Syrinx Za as the Natural Skin Care champion for their particular sport. Does your sport lend itself to a particular skin … [Read more...]

In Celebration of London 2012 & Team GB. Sports Skin Care

In Celebration of the Olympics and Team GB Like all UK citizens we are extremely proud of Team GB and we’d like to share our appreciation with our new and existing clients by offering a 20% discount off any purchase until the end of August 2012. 20% Discount Code: GB2012 Use the discount code above during checkout to receive a 20% discount off your purchase, you can use this code as many times as you like during August 2012. 20% Olympic Celebration Discount Following the Olympics more … [Read more...]

Do You Get a Skin Irritation After Swimming Pool?

You Might be Suffering an Allergic Reaction to Chlorine If you or your children get itchy skin or a mild rash after a session in the local swimming pool then you may be suffering an allergic reaction to swimming pool chlorine. Don't worry too much there is an easy solution. Chlorine is a clever chemical which kills micro-organisms and bacteria that can be dangerous to humans, so we should be glad it's there protecting us from nasty germs and diseases. BUT - chlorine can unfortunately … [Read more...]

When Buying Products for Skin Health Choose Zander!

Skin Health Products Containing Zander Skin Health Products seem to creep up our agenda as we get older and notice cracks and crinkles starting to appear. With me it was the crows-feet that, if you'll forgive the pun put a different complexion on my skin health. I work with a Skin Health Products company so I get to test and use the very latest Skin Health Products and be involved in their research and manufacture. Zander is offered to us by mother nature and we offer it to you in our Skin … [Read more...]

Planet Friendly Natural Skin Care Products

They call us the Natural Skin Care Company There are a dizzying and confusing number of Skin Care Products available on the global skin care market. However if you, like millions of others are turning to Natural Skin Care Products how do you decide which brand is right for you? Sustainability and use of pure natural ingredients is key. We can no longer plunder and damage our planet, the time has come to work with nature and support our environment whilst finding the best skin care products … [Read more...]

Could this be the best soap to use for Acne ?

Are you on a quest to find the best soap for Acne? Are you at that stage in your life when you want to look your best and you feel that Acne getting in your way or letting you down? We may have the answer to your search for the best soap to use for Acne! Technically speaking our Acne Soap is not actually soap, it is a Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar. Our Soap for Acne is a cold processed bar of natural ingredients developed to deeply clean and remove toxins from the skin. What Causes … [Read more...]