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Archives for December 2012

Deep Cleansing and Supporting Eczema Affected Skin

Deep Cleansing and Supporting Eczema Affected Skin
The Anti-pyritic properties of the Syrinx Za Deep Cleansing Therapy bar in conjunction with its ability to deeply clean eczema affected skin is one of our greatest achievements. This combination of calming, cleansing and itching reduction is real bonus for eczema sufferers.

Please watch the short video below where Mr Rupert Bevan explains the properties and benefits of our eczema soap and cream combination for eczema.

Please drop us a line if you have any questions about eczema or read more about our eczema treatment combination here.


Natural Skincare Products Stocked from Natures Larder

No More Skin Allergy with NelsonFood fuels our lives, but do we contemplate where it actually comes from?
Food producers use a multitude of processes that mess with Mother Nature’s larder and our food often passes through many hands before it reaches our plates. So even if we do contemplate what’s on our plate, it’s often difficult to have a truly natural diet with no additives or “un-natural” ingredients because we simply do not have enough control.

Whilst at home my wife and I try to eat naturally, using organic produce where possible. But if you’ve ever tried to stick to an organic diet you’ll know how expensive this can be, and when travelling as we are now it’s literally impossible to eat healthily without starving or living on fresh fruit.

Natural Skin Care Products

I for one am thankful that choosing natural skincare products is a great deal easier than selecting natural foods. As a skin allergy sufferer I can be sure that the Syrinx Za skincare products I use are stocked from nature’s larder because I am involved in the research and testing of all our products.

Everyone deserves more of the good stuff that nature has to offer and you can be as sure as me that we don’t use chemical stabilisers or un-natural products in Syrinx Za products. For many years I suffered from what I call “dog-skin”, a severe reaction to dogs and cats which manifested on the skin on my face and was very sore (understatement) whenever I petted a dog, cat or hairy animal.

Nelson and MickNo problem Nelson
We are currently in Perth, Western Australia staying with my brother-in-law who has one very playful dog and three very energetic cats, one of which is named Nelson who has taken a real shine to me! In the past all four of these family pets would set off my rash. But not today… Natures Larder provides Syrinx Za with the natural ingredients needed to formulate our products and keep my dog and cat skin at bay…

No Problem Nelson… Bring it on….


Santa’s Skincare Elves

Merry Christmas from Syrinx ZaTis the season to be jolly but with so many opportunities to upset your skin this Christmas people seem to have been ordering more than their usual Therapy Bar and jar of their favourite treatment.

We expected pre-Christmas sales to be lower than the norm because, well let’s face it a jar of eczema cream or allergic skin care products don’t make for very exciting Christmas gifts. We’ll how wrong can you be! The Syrinx Za elves have been busy taking instructions from Santa and shipping products all over the world in time for Christmas.

Pre-Christmas Delivery with 20% Discount code XMAS2012

We are taking a well-earned break over Christmas but well be keeping the delivery sleigh busy right up to the wire. If you would like to be sure of receiving your Syrinx Za products before Christmas we recommend ordering before the 17th of December.

Please don’t forget to use discount code XMAS2012 during checkout to receive 20% discount off your pre-Christmas order.

Merry Christmas from all the team at Syrinx Za

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for trusting their skin care to Syrinx Za and we look forward to serving you in 2013.

We wish you a merry Christmas and hope you enjoy a prosperous 2013.

Ashley Metcalfe
Chief Executive


Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin CareA little help from your friends at Syrinx Za
I was reminded this week how my skin reacts poorly to extremes of temperature. Saturday 8th of December I’m applying my Moisturising Therapy Balm to my face and fore head following the chill wind and central heating in the UK. Then, Tuesday 11th December I’m using my Hydrating Therapy Balm to calm my sun-burned forehead and shoulders.

We’re on holiday in Perth Western Australia, but I am sparing a thought for my freezing friends at home in the UK.

Winter Face Moisturising

Whilst the hat, scarf and winter woollies will keep out the chill, they’ll not stop our skin from drying out and possibly cracking following exposure to the cold and home heating. In this case the best form of skin defence is offence with our Moisturising Therapy Balm.

Our Moisturising Therapy Balm is the perfect defence against the biting cold winter weather, it’s a thick, luxurious creamy balm that absorbs and moisturises deeply. Apply following your morning shower for all day defence against winter elements.

Winter Body moisturising

Under the layers of clothing we’re more protected so a lighter, faster absorbing skin moisturising cream is more suitable, we recommend our Ultra-Sensitive Therapy cream for a luxurious long lasting body moisturiser.

20% Christmas Discount Code off all products

During December all customers, new and old can enjoy a 20% discount off all purchases – simply enter the following discount code at the checkout: XMAS2012