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Archives for February 2012

Philip Richards Syrinx ZA Chairman

Syrinx ZA, a self-sustaining ethical company
Philip Richards is a man with a mission. Having suffered personally with skin related issues Philip set out on a quest to develop a natural, sustainable skin care regime which would help other skin problem sufferers find relief with an alternative, natural solution. Philip said: “this is why customers call us the natural skin care company


Ashley Metcalfe, Chief Executive

Syrinx ZA, a range of naturally viable products
Syrinx ZA International is a company formed with a mission to create a range of natural, sustainable and effective skin care products. Our vision is to provide problem skin sufferers of all ages with relief from eczema, psoriasis, warts and other skin related issues.

I welcome any questions you may have about our products or our company ethos.

Formerly a successful first class cricketer, representing Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, Ashley has over 25 years business experience in the SME market, with both large corporate agencies and launching and growing several new businesses.

He developed his marketing interests through the establishment of the marketing department at Yorkshire County Cricket Club before playing a significant role for over 10 years in the maximisation of Sharp Electronics (UK) sponsorship of Manchester United.

Prior to Syrinx Za, he established Crimson Group Limited, a specialist Events and Marketing company and prior to that he was Head of Group Marketing and Joint Head of Conference Production at Real Affinity Plc, an aim-listed integrated marketing company, with a turnover in excess of £20m.

Before Real Affinity, Ashley was a Director of CHS Ltd and preceding that a founding Director at the award winning Appeal Marketing Consultancy.

Having worked with many blue chip brands, Ashley has developed a reputation both regionally and nationally for straightforward and practical marketing and media campaigns that maximise budgets and deliver more value to clients spend.

Rupert Bevan, Syrinx ZA Technical and Product Development

Using Syrinx Za to get the best results

Rupert Bevan – Syrinx ZA Technical and Product Development DirectorRupert Bevan – Syrinx ZA Technical and Product Development Director
Rupert Bevan has been involved in the natural world for most of his working life. After attending Westminster Cathedral Choir School and Downside, he studied Horticulture at Pershore College, later running his own business in horticulture and landscape design. He gained a degree in Environmental Biology from Bath Spa University.

It was whilst studying there that he encountered Zander organic lake sediment and used the material to grow tomatoes and Antirrhinums by combining this material with bulky organic wastes such as shredded bark and coir. Rupert gained his MPhil with a thesis on this subject. Skin Disorders are Rupert’s Lawful prey!!

The results obtained from these trials spurred Rupert on to investigate the properties of Zander further. In 1996 he travelled to Latvia, where he met Professor Eriks Kronbergs of the National Agricultural University, Jelgava. Together they inspected various Zander deposits in Western Latvia. In the tranquil environs of the beautiful lakes, Rupert observed that the farm workers dredging the material used it to clean their hands after a day’s work. He noticed also that it left the hands clean and supple.

With his friend Michael Smith he designed a soap bar which incorporated pale Zander in dried form. His friends who used the soap found that not only did the product leave their hands clean and soft but also that it removed the symptoms of skin diseases like dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. Others found that it reduced the problems of dry skin, dandruff and acne.

Meanwhile the agricultural uses of Zander were being developed and Rupert experimented with desert sand, finding that a small amount of Zander incorporated into an arid or desertified soil was enough to stimulate energetic root growth, even in saline and other inhospitable substrata.

He also found that the material would capture the salts of heavy metals in solution and was able to demonstrate that pollutants such as mine flushings and tailings ponds could be effectively cleaned up using Zander. This research was taken forward by the newly founded Zander Corporation Ltd. Operating from Mells, Somerset, this company works mainly in the Gulf States, Philippines, Spain (Agrizan Group SL) and Nigeria (Zander Resources West Africa Ltd).

It is in these countries that Zander products are used to tackle toxic farmland, improve soils and yields, and develop technology for combating crude oil pollution and desert encroachment. Zander Corporation (Ukraine) is now the largest extractor and processor of organic alluvium in the world.

Back in Somerset, Rupert has worked on a range of products, including beautiful hand cream which incorporates argan oil from Morocco and a liquid extract of Zander.

It is an ideal moisturiser for people who are allergic to any type of soap and can be used on the face. An oil-based balm compliments the range and this can be used to great effect on the arms, legs and feet. His colleague, Tony Maleedy has developed a three-stage hair therapy which uses Zander in each stage and this will be presented for sale in the New Year.

As Technical Advisor to Syrinx ZA Rupert is on hand to advise our clients which product to use that best suits their skin condition. He is also developing further products and supervising trials in the Bath area where volunteers can try them out.

Rupert is married to Jackie, a professional pianist and in his spare time sings, conducts choirs and plays the pipe organ.

Tony Maleedy MIT, Syrinx ZA Consultant Tricologist

Tony Maleedy – Syrinx ZA Tricologist

Tony Maleedy MIT, Syrinx ZA Tricologist

Tony Maleedy MIT is a leading hair specialist, a cosmetic scientist, an expert on hair products and the founder of his own company, Tony Maleedy Hair.

Tony is a member and former governor of the Institute of Trichologists, and a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. He is hair science consultant to the Remington Corporation, where he has helped develop many of their most successful brands. He has also created hair products and treatments for many companies and organisations, including The Institute of Trichologists and The Body Shop.

Tony has worked as a Trichologist for over twenty five years in Manchester, London and New York. In that time he has treated tens of thousands of people with hair and scalp disorders, including many celebrities and members of the Royal Family. He now works in the field of hair research and hair product development, frequently in conjunction with the Department of Material Science at the University of Bath.

This research underpins the development of new hair products and the greater understanding of hair and scalp conditions and disorders.

Melinda Coss, The Delia Smith of Soap making

Melinda Coss, The Delia Smith of Soap makingMelinda Coss, The Delia Smith of Soap making
Melinda Coss is the award winning author of three international, bestselling books on the manufacture of natural soaps and creams. Described by the press as ‘The Delia Smith of Soap making’ Melinda is an avid believer in Fair trade and has helped to set up soap making enterprises in three regions of Africa.

Melinda is passionate about the use of natural botanicals on the skin and during her sixteen years in the natural cosmetics’ industry has formulated products for major UK supermarket chains and prestige independent stores in the UK and in France. Melinda has advised Syrinx Za on our product formulations and has commissioned and overseen the stringent testing of our products.